Asta 2

Nothing But Spam, Move Along

So, Sean Astin stars in a film trilogy that has grossed, what?, two billion dollars worldwide? And tonight he guest stars on Las Vegas playing a *really* annoying (and naked - eeekkk!) loser. This just doesn't seem right.

In other Las Vegas news, Josh is still pretty. :-)
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You know, at first I was disappointed I'd missed it, but now I'm glad, thanks ;)
I saw the nekkid part. Color me depressed. Color my mom amused when I said, "Sam Wise is having sex! And it's not with Frodo!"

I loved this episode of Las vegas. Sean Astin was great as the loser. I did hate the trite ending of the episode. I mean no one can't bother to close the hotel room door or the window. Hello?!!

If you haven't heard, I have mentioned some ALIAS news in my live journal.