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What A Mess

I actually had a pretty decent end-of-week at work. Therefore, I was looking forward to a relaxing and productive weekend. Maybe I should have taken it as a sign when the first part of my plans - seeing Hidalgo - fell through. Then, as I was cleaning out the fridge to make a list for the big grocery shopping trip, my mother calls. The basement flooded. Kiss off my weekend plans.

Actually, flooded is a slight overstatement. The carpet (yes, unfortuantely there is carpet in the basement) was soaked. And my mother was worried about some of the stuff down there and, with her arthritis, can't move it herself.

Since it wasn't an emergency situation, I finished up what I was doing, went to the store (I had nothing to eat), ate a big lunch, then headed over there to see what could be done.

My mother had already cleared room in my old bedroom to move stuff into it, at least temporarily. The antique furniture came up first. Other than a tiny bit of dampness at the very bottom of the furniture, it was in good shape. Next came up my artwork that I did in college. This didn't fair quite so well. A few pieces were destroyed. Since I hate most of the work I did then, I really didn't give a rat's ass. Then the Star Wars collection came up. No damage. Thank God.

At this point, with my mother getting upset, I tried desperately to find the good in this and not have her obsess on how much it's going to cost to have the carpeting pulled up and the floor resealed. (I actually found one crack in the floor and one spot where water was coming in. We think the damage may have been caused during the landscaping she had done this past summer.)

After years of discussing it, I told her, we were finally cleaning out all this crap we've accumulated. I even ended up surrendering a lot of my stuff. Turns out my mother had just found out about an orphaneage (for lack of a better word) in town that had nothing for the kids other than food and clothing. So, I said all the Barbie stuff could go to them as well as a bunch of board games collecting dust. I'd rather it make some kids who have nothing happy then selling it for a few bucks to some attorneys.

My mother, in turn, said she's finally going to call Goodwill this week to haul the furniture that hasn't been used in years away. She's also decided to go through the rest of the house to clear out the clutter.

The box collection is finally getting weeded out too. We broke down the worst of them to pitch this week. The rest she'll dump next week (she doesn't want to pay the trash service extra for hauling what can't fit in the recepticle).

Today, her migraine hit (big surprise) and there is a slight odor eminating from the basement. I told her I'd get a wet vac and get the water up, but she's opting to leave it so when she gets estimates for the work that needs to be done they can see where the water is coming from (parts of the floor are actually dry).

I didn't get home until 1:30am last night and couldn't fall asleep until after 3:00. After various phone calls this morning, I realized I hadn't been on the computer since 11:30 Saturday morning. Luckily, there wasn't a huge amount of posting to LJ though I see there is some fascinating analysis of 'Shells" by coffeeandink and the_royal_anna that I shall need to read yet.

OK, off to eat and maybe watch Kingdom Hospital since I promised someone the tape Monday.

Woo Hoo! We have new Alias tonight. AND Hugh Jackman on Inside the Actors Studio. Maybe things are looking up. :)
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Ack, sorry you had such a crappy weekend, my dear.

*gives you some cookies*
I didn't order a catastrophe and if one of my co-goddesses is throwing one without me, I shall be very put out.

I swear it wasn't me. I was busy putting out a contract on Mel. But this does remind me of the Hallowe'en/burning hair (burning bush?) motif.

*belts out "Oh, I've seen fire and I've seen rain"*

Sing it, Daddy-o!

Fortunately, most of my work was either in a vinyl portfolio or was in an area that was merely damp from the water. The stuff that was damaged I can live without. My mother though wants to keep every scrap of paper I ever drew on. Luckily, mother nature is forcing us to both let go.
I hope you have a nice relaxing what's left of your weekend, at least. I'm so sorry you had such a stressful day. It sounds like you were a tremendous help to your mother by being so practical and positive about it all.

And oh, having just read through all the pertinent points you and others have made, I feel like my Shells thoughts are lacking something. But I have a whole month to come back to it. :) And thank you for sharing yours. You had so many fascinating thoughts, as usual, and I wish I had more time to comment!
I'm so sorry you had such a stressful day. It sounds like you were a tremendous help to your mother by being so practical and positive about it all.

Thank you sweetie. I appreciate the kind words. I knew there was no way in hell I could relieve her stress or make it all OK, but she did imply that what I said and did made things better. She was even going to attempt to relax today since there really isn't anything she can do until tomorrow.

I'm glad you enjoyed my write up on 'Shells'. I actually feel I made a few good points. ;) I still haven't had time to read yours (I will!). But, like you said, we have plenty of time. :)
Eek, what an awful weekend. And that's two people on my friends list with flooded basements in one weekend. Kinda scary. Granted, I really only have a half an idea what a basement really is, and most of that comes from Buffy, but cleaning one out sounds like hard work.

And yay for new Alias! I'll have to rush home tonight and start with the downloading. Whee!
Sorry about the flood and the aggravation. I'm going through non-flood impelled sorting and tossing and selling and donating at the moment myself. It's cathartic. But exhausting.

And, not to trivialize your catastophe... But I am reminded of the time I recounted some of the problems [Unknown LJ tag] and I had in England - flooded living room, spilled glass of water in bed, pee emergency on the A-34 - and someone coughasta77cough said, "can't hold your water?"

Which raises the questions, "Can't hold your water?"

Which raises the questions, "Can't hold your water?"

Considering I have a bladder the size of a walnut that is very true. But, since I'm talking about my mother's basement, she's the one with the problem in this case.
I feel your pain. Literally. I've been doing many of the same things this weekend, including looking at this as an opportunity to get rid of lots of old stuff. I'm listening to the whirring of dehumidifiers as I type.

Good luck with the cleaning, and I hope it's an easy repair to the foundation!

Ack. I just read about your ordeal. Other than the amount of water, our situations sound very similar. It might be a crap way of going about it, but it does force you to clean out thirty years of clutter.

I got to go in the dark corners of the basement with the flashlight to try to see where the water was coming from. The good news was none of ot appeared to be coming from the walls. The bad news is I *think* the carpeting is cemented to the foundation. You should have seen the look on my mom's face when I mentioned that.

All I can do now is hope the estimates aren't as bad as she feared. Hope everything works out well for you too! :)
Awww not another flooded person. :(

I hope it doesnt turn out too bad and that nothing scared is damaged. Thank god the Star wars collection survived eh.

I can imagine it getting periously close to the water, model Luke trying to use the force but straining. The X-wing especially will sink!

Then, Model Yoda steps in and saves the day!

As I said, I hope everything turns out ok
Bleh. Having water invade your stuff is terribly depressing - what with the cleanup headache, and the prospect of having to trace and fix (and pay to fix) the leaks. Our house used to leak like a sieve, and flood fairly regularly when it rained, so I know from whence I speak.

I'm glad nothing important was ruined - though it's a shame about the artwork. If you hated it I suppose it's no big, but still.
Just got home from my cousin's house and read this. Your poor mom! I know how she feels, we had the same problem in my mom's old house right before we moved out. Turned out in our case the water was coming in from the outside wall in the corner of the house, which neede tuckpointing. I so hope it isn't a serious repair for her.

But, out of difficulty can come something positive. I know your mom appreciates you being there and helping, and making her feel better :)
Oh, Asta, what a bastard of a thing! :-P

I understand that sometimes necessity is the mother of getting your ass into gear (I say this as one of the biggest hoarders on the planet) - but it's a shame it has to come in the form of THIS sort of drama!

Best of luck getting it all sorted out...after my family's near miss with the fire last week, my mother said that at least at the end of the week...they're all still standing. That counts. :-D

My poor, poor dear. That was indeed a sucky way to have to spend your weekend. But it sounds like you did an excellent job as a daughter. I'm sure your mom is proud to have you around. I wish Crystal could have been there to help. Oh, okay, I would have helped too. I hope Hugh made it all better last night. (Does that sound naughty?)