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Alias Thoughts

I have some relatively brief thoughts .

First off, one thing about tonight's ep pissed me off in a big way - the product placement. When Syd directed Vaugh to the F-150 (and we even got a close-up of this) I went "Huh?". But then immediately after the scene we get a commercial for....the Ford F-150. I have no problem with product placements in general, but when the writer has to write it into the dialogue, in the middle of a chase, it goes too far.

Overall, I'm not sure how I feel about this episode. I neither loved it or hated it.

Marshall's joy at being father was adorable and it made perfect sense to me that he would want to show off Mitchell to his co-workers and friends.

I'm still not sure what Lauren's agenda is, but she's a hell of a lot more interesting than she used to be. And damn if she doesn't have chemistry with Sark. Maybe I should be bothered that they pulled the car over to have sex, but it didn't. I blame Buffy and Spike's sexcapades for that.

What was with the look Weiss gave Lauren after Syd walked away from her? Does he know something?

Sloane destroyed eight pages of Rambaldi documents. Suuuurrreee he did.

So glad they didn't reveal Sloane to be Syd's real father. Assuming he is telling the truth and he had an affair with Irina, he wants to believe Syd is his and he doesn't want to find out she isn't. We'll probably get conclusive proof down the road. I'm betting Sloane will be very disappointed.

I know that the stand off between Lauren and Vaughn and Sark and Syd was completely conveluted. Still, my heart did a little leap when he dropped the gun. Of course, I also loved that Lauren decked him for it. Especially since yet again he confesses his love to Syd in front of Syd and then goes back to his wife. I'm one step from becoming a Weiss/Syd shipper.

I'm not sure seeing the action twice from two different perspectives worked as well as it should have. I actually enjoy the concept, but I just didn't feel it was necessary for this particular story.

Wasn't Jack the sweetest tonight? The one thing I really like this season is the growing bond between Jack and Syd. Hopefully that won't get screwed up.

Thanks for all your well wishes in regards to mine and my mother's flooding ordeal. I wasn't even alone in going through it this weekend!

And, as I suspected, seeing Hugh Jackman, does make everything better. :)

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