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No, I'm Not Dead

I just realized it's been a week since I updated my LJ. I haven't spent nearly as much time perusing LJ or online in general this past week as I usually do. Mostly it's related to Mom's Great Flood of 2004. Sigh. I'll spare you all the frustrating, annoying, argumentative, nearly brought me to tears, details since it's bad enough I had to live through them. God forbid she actually listen to me when I say something. No, let's wait a few days then admit I may have been right.

On the brightside, the mildewy carpet is getting ripped up today and the floor cleaned. The guys doing it are even hauling away a bunch of damaged/just-plain-too-crappy-even-for-Goodwill items to the dump for her when they take the carpet. I'm just hoping all the junk she still needs to sort will keep her occupied for a couple weeks. Is it May yet? I need a vacation.

After yet another trip to the house last night, I rushed home to catch the US version of Touching Evil on the USA network. Not only was I not disappointed, I think I could get hooked on this show!

Jeffrey Donovan was terrific. He looked familiar, but I'm not sure where I've seen him before. And Vera Farmiga as his partner was impressive since, with such a low key role, she could have been easily overshadowed. If I had one complaint, it's that the story could have been done in 90 minutes instead of two hours. Of course, this makes me hopeful that with the hour format it's going to be a very tightly written show. :)

Now, I'm waiting for someone to tell me the British version of the show is better. Maybe it is, but you're not changing my mind. :p

Following Touching Evil I watched Curb Your Enthusiasm for the first time. Why haven't I watched this show before? Oh yeah, Colby from Survivor wasn't on. ;) Regardless of his presence, I was in hysterics. I'll have to remember to tune in again.

It's a beautiful sunny (the sun still does exist!) day here in Michigan. I'm still a bit achy from helping my Mom out so I only was out and about for a few hours running some errands. I leisurely walked around Target but surprisingly only spent about $35 and part of that was for a birthday gift. Then it was off to the bookstore to look for some magazines that are apparently not out yet. I did find a Legolas magnet which I *had* to have to add to my magnet collection.

Now, I think I've successfully updated everyone on my exciting life as well as catching up on my firends list. And a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to drc1. So sorry I missed your special day. I hope you had a great one. :)

FYI - I have not seen Wonderfalls yet. Thanks to basketball I have to wait until this evening. I'll try to post some thoughts about it later.

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