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It's Review Time

So, last night I finally got to see Wonderfalls for myself. The verdict, actually, no verdict yet, the jury is still out. I was neither wowed nor bitterly disappointed. I will definitely give it a couple more episodes before I come to any conclusions. I actually enjoyed the last half of the premiere (after they got past far too many cliches). And the lead character reminded me a lot OK, I'm not *quite* that bitter, but with the eyerolls and sarcastic remarks - so me. Judge me as you will now. :p

Today I went and saw Secret Window. Johnny was very good (I know, what a shock). In a lesser actor's hands the film probably would have been a complete wash out. Let me put it this way, either Stacey and I are brilliant or the script was utterly predictable - we had the 'mystery' figured out after the first twenty minutes.

And lynnb, I have further proof you were right. I read this David Boreanaz Q&A" which confirms what you've been saying - he's relieved that Angel is over.

I was curious at the time The WB's decision was anoounced that we heard little from any of the actors and the star in particular. The Q&A is linked from the Whedonesque site because I thought the reaction to what he said was interesting and diverse without being argumentative. Imagine that. ;)

Geesh, it's only 3:30, it feels much later. Then again, I overslept this morning. I cannot begin to tell you how amused Stacey was that for *once* I was the one running late. Least it gave her time to raid my video and DVD collection while I got ready to go out.

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