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Alias, What Else?

Tonight I saw classic Alias. Classic in the sense of it contained so much of what I love about the show and no Lauren! ;)

My only quibble was related to Lauren though. Vaughn, for the love of God, shippers, and non-shippers alike, please stop insisting your marriage is fine. I love you, but you annoy the Hell out of me when you try to delude yourself and everyone else. Especially since I see no reason you keep reiterating this crap. Snese of duty is fine in the CIA, but not a marriage. Leave...NOW. End of rant.

Although the guy looked so adorable (loved the turtleneck/leather jacket look) it's hard for me to stay mad at him. :)

I love it when Sark and Vaughn get to interact. They have such great chemistry together. So much so I was waiting for them to join the mile high club. ;) I only wish that Sark would give up his evil ways so the two could hang out more together.

When Marshall stopped Vaughn at the last second from cutting the wrong wire, I loved Vaughn voicing the audiance opinion with "I hate it when you do that".

Sloane and Barnett? ::Shudders:: I *really* didn't need to see that. What happened to her medical ethics? Did they go away with her cleavage?

My heart sank for a minute when Weiss was shot. I was at the ready to complain about him being shot in the neck again when it was revelaed to be a set up. And how cute was Weiss' discussion of his method acting? :)

Sydney you talk too much. Quit sharing your damn feelings, you're a CIA agent. I knew I saw some sort of recognition when she mentioned Julia's name.

OK, I admit it, I loved the hug. I'm a sap for that stuff.

Overall, I give it a solid 8 on a scale of 10.

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