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Here are just a couple "highlights" to share regarding my work situation:

Yesterday I got to overhear various conversations regarding The Passion of the Christ. Sheryl, the Christian (I make a point of this only because she does) finally got around to seeing it and felt compelled to discuss it with both those that have seen it and those that have not. Except, of course, me who saw it opening day. I guess with so many "weird" tastes, she doesn't value my opinion.

Anyway, during the conversations, I got to hear how only Christians could really understand and appreciate the film. Uh-Huh. This coming from a woman who proceeded to say she needed to see it again because the film had so much going on she either a) missed things or b) didn't quite understand what she was seeing.

Somehow the conversation segued to movies in general and family films. At this point, if steam could actually come out of my ears it would have. Sheryl and Angie began talking about Finding Nemo. Sheryl has heard it's excellent and Ellen DeGeneres is hilarious in it. Angie says "I can't stand her". Sheryl mentions that she's seen her talk show a few times and found her to be funny. Angie responds with "Oh, I agree she's very funny. It's just that can't stand her and what she represents". What she represents? Gee, I thought Jesus taught forgiveness, tolerance, and love for *all* humankind. I guess that excludes gays or others who don't meet your standards.

Today the moral majority wasted the morning (we don't know where Angie was half the time and Sheryl was making personal calls from 8-10) but Sheryl just informed me she's working through lunch. Since she's leaving early for a doctor's appointment she needs to get her work done. Sigh.

And my mother wonders why I can't get along with half my department?!

End of venting.

In unrelated news, did anyone else watch the sneak peak of Dawn of the Dead on USA last night? It was only ten minutes and cost me nothing yet I still feel like I've been cheated by the movie studio. I mistakenly assumed the movie would be half way decent if they were trying to entice you to pay money to see it. That would not be the case. All I saw was bad acting, bad writing, and choppy editing.

Enough bitterness for now. Next time I post, I'll try to be more cheerful. ;)
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But, but, but...we love your bitter rantings! We embrace your bitter rantings even as they shove us into a corner and beat us into submission.

I may not have consumed enough caffeine yet. A vague disclaimer is no one's friend.
::Asta beats Wis into submission with her scary monkey icon::

Start consuming the caffeine Missy. I need you awake for our chat tonight. :)
Oh yeah. I haven't commented on your extreme evilness yet. The monkey is teh scary! Make him stop!

::gulps Diet Pepsi and hopes Asta will retire the monkey to the fires of hell::
::Asta huggles Sal::

Though, had you been in chat last night you may have amended getting along with you all. =) ::bats eyes innocently::
Yes! Someone else has finally experienced the "The Passion of the Christ from a Christian perspective stuff". I thought I would go nearly insane from all the "It was so great. God wants you to see this film" after it opened. However, Robert Smigel's cartoon this weekend, "Passion of the Dumpty" nearly made it all worth while.

And I had no idea that Ellen Degeneres was so evil! What should we do? A mix of holy water and crucifixes? Will she eat our brains? If I see her coming toward me, should I not look directly into her eyes? Just want to be prepared.
Well, you do know that if you get too close to her her gay cooties will jump onto you and turn you gay too! And don't even get me started on the sublimal messages she sends out during her TV show. It's not Rosie we should be afraid of, it's Ellen.
Well, it's simple - we're smarter than half your department, because we love you!

This coming from a woman who proceeded to say she needed to see it again because the film had so much going on she either a) missed things or b) didn't quite understand what she was seeing.

Maybe she needs to read the book first ;) Maybe if she did, she'd know Jesus said judge not lest ye be judged. And something about casting the first stone.....

I wanted to cast a few stones myself, but all I had readily available was paperclips. :p
Maybe it takes a certain religious bent to *really* appreciate a good flogging.
LOL! I've never had anyone come out of the closet on my LJ before! ;) What's really amusing is that I've been lurking on your LJ too. I've always found your comments on mutual friends LJ's insightful and entertaining. :)

I did a bit of cleaning house and defriended some people this weekend (nothing wrong with the fine folk, just our interests have changed since I joined LJ) and hoped to add some new individulas to my reading list. I shall make sure to friend you back. :)