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How I Spent My Tuesday Night

Three ways are exhausting...three way calls that is. ;-) Hey, at least I had your rapt attention there for a moment.

As previously reported by writteninstars Here, she, reckleslinguist, and I had a rather lengthy phone conversation last night. To say we greatly amuse ourselves would be an understatement. And sadly, to protect the innocent and not so innocent, I cannot repeat a good portion of our conversation. ;p

A good time was had by all especially when presented with the opportunity to mock American Idol contestants and the fact that Paula Abdul apparently chose to wear a tablecloth last night.

But, in retaliation for claims made that I'm "evil incarnate and Satan's hellspawn", I shall be forced to have my minions work day and night to double the production of sock monkeys. And I may also have to contact dtissagirl about the creation of further monkey icons because one is just not enough to sufficiently torment my dear Writteninstars. :)

And may I suggest you all hop, skip, and jump over to fireflyfans and read an open letter from Tim Minear requesting us genre lovers to tune into Wonderfalls. Let's show FOX that there are millions of us who have no lives who stay home and watch TV Friday nights! :)
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