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It's late, but don't want to disappoint...

OK, over at the BBB someone made a good point - how the heck does everything tie together this season? The Beast, the Reign of Fire, Lilah's 'death', W&H being anhilated....what's the point if Jasmine's mere arrival would make everyone fall in line?

Could be they were all distractions - consuming time and energy and allowing Jasmine to be born. It's also possible that Jasmine created all of these horrors so upon her arrival, she could save everyone and restore peace - be the hero. Perhaps she didn't count on Faith entering the picture or Angelus destroying the Beast. But, that theory would contradict the 'fact' that Jasmine has supposedly manipulated everything and everyone over the past four years.

Seems to me the writers have a lot of explaining left to do to clear things up. Honestly, I have failed to see how the writing on Angel is any better this year then that on Buffy. Right now, Angel seems to have even more loose ends to tie up.

As disappointed as I have been with Jasmine as the Big Bad, I wish they had kept her around a bit longer to suss out some things left in doubt. It's only when she lost her powers that she became interesting.

I liked the scene between she and Angel on the street a lot - some fascinating points were raised. Was Jasmine truly evil or were her intentions to better our society? Is peace and prosperity worth relinquishing our free will? Is it OK to sacrifice thousands if it means saving billions? And can Angel really criticize her eating habits when they shared the same diet? :)

And, was it just me, or was Angel surprised to hear of her connection to The Powers That Be? Like Glory, was she ousted from her position of power and looking for a way to regain it? Or, is she still one of them and they may not be what Angel has been lead to believe? It reminded me of Wolverine's line to Storm in X-Men "There's a war brewing, our you sure you're on the right side" - is Angel still sure?

About a week or so ago I read that something/someone that was important in the shows past would be making a reappearance. My guess at the time was Lindsey or Lilah would be returning. I love Lilah, but I'm a bit torn now by her return. She's a great character in her own right and it will be interesting to see if she'll return to her old ways or start on the path of redemption. And what of her relationship with Wes? While it was apparent that Lilah cared about Wes, it wasn't until after her 'death' that he became aware of his feelings for her. If there is a season five and she's in it, I hope this is explored further. (Note to ME, if you are going to 'surprise' us with the return of a supposedly dead character, don't put the actresses name in the opening credits.)

Oh, and I didn't hate Conner this week. I actually felt bad for him and his revelation that he chose to believe the lie because it didn't seem as bad as the other lies he's been told. :( (Though, Cordy laid out like she was was over the top and laughable, imo.)

Well folks, one week from today I shall be in Chicago meeting up with my friends and preparing to meet James. Hard to believe that we've been talking about this for months and it will soon be a reality. :)

And tomorrow look forward to my X-Men 2: United review. Of course, I can already tell you it will be fantastic. Well, Hugh Jackman will be fantastic. :p

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