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And Now For Something Completely Different...

I know I bitch about work quite a bit. And even though I'm completely justified in doing so, I'd thought, for a change, I'd say something positive about 'The Special Hell'. ;)

I had my fair share of aggrevation today. This time enimating from our Southfield office. While it shouldn't, it still constantly amazes me to experience people's ineptitude, laziness, and good old fashion whining. The highlight of which was when the office manager (and I use the term loosely) in Southfield sent an e-mail to her entire office attempting to make me look like the bad guy. I'd be upset if it wasn't so damn funny. See, just about everyone in her office hates her. I'd hazard to guess that they were either a) laughing at her ploy for sympathy or b) applauding me for putting the screws to her.

Which bring me to my orignal intent. Even with the time consuming, irritating crap I had to deal with today I had this overwhelming sense of how liked I was. Yeah, I have those few in my department with sticks surgically implanted up there asses, but the vast majority of my firm I think genuinely likes me and thinks I do an excellent job. As sarcastic as I can be, I actually have a pretty good attitude at work. If I'm in a bitchy mood I don't feel it's right to inflict it on others (not everyone apparently feels that way). And even if I totally disagree with the person at the other end of a conversation and *know* they are wrong, I'm still pleasent.

And maybe that's part of the problem with the people I do work directly with. I think they may resent the fact that I'm more popular (for lack of a better term) and even respected, in some cases, than they are.

This quasi epiphany came about today as a result of various conversations I had with people throughout the firm. Would the firm fall apart without me? Uh, no, I'm not that full of myself. :p But I really do think I'd be missed. That is a nice feeling to have.

In other good news, I saw the latest Van Helsing trailer tonight. I only wish I knew ahead of time it was airing so I could have recorded it. Hugh looked yummy of course. And there was one clip where I thought I would melt into a big old puddle of goo. I can't believe I have to wait until May 7 to see the movie. :(
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