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In My Ongoing Efforts to Promote Hugh

My beloved Hugh will be gracing the covers of many magazines over the next couple months thanks to the promotional blitz for Van Helsing. The latest one I've read about is the March 26th issue of Entertainment Weekly. If you are a subscriber you can read excerpts from the cover story at their website. :)

Also of note to be on the look out for...the May issue of SFX (Lynn & Cindy I'm counting on you to let me know when you receive your copy :), and the current issues of Starburst and Cinefantastique.

I'll definitely be perusing the bookstores this weekend assuming I don't feel like crap, which I do right now. I don't have a sore throat which is usually the first sign I'm getting sick, but I ache from head to toe.

I had hoped to swing by chat today, but I'm doubting I'll be up for it now. :( We shall see...
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In My Ongoing Efforts to Promote Hugh

It's awesome when crazed psycho fans help their pretend-boyfriends.

Kidding! Don't use the monkey on me! Pleeeaaase!
Again I ask, shouldn't you be at work? :p

I really have to ask my trusted minion Tissa to whip up some more monkey icons. :-)
I'm hoping it comes when you're here! We received March earlier this week, so it seems we get them here in the US the month they represent. Did you see the Movie Magic collector's edition? Nice story inside on Hugh.
That is a freaking awesome icon. You will send me copies of all these yummy magazines, won't you?
Hardy Har Har. Yes, is makes soooo much more sense for me to send you copies when you have a friend right there who works in a bookstore and can steal them for you.
Well, if you're going to be all logical about things then I guess that does make more sense. I must go and collect sock monkeys to use to coerce her into doing my will...
You are an evil friend. I shan't steal magazines for you, but I will buy them for you in order to get a discount and you can pay me back...even though you think I would steal them. :p

I think someone's gettin' a swirlie tonight.
We could call it the Shock and Awe campaign! Oh, wait, I guess that's been taken...
Hugh is indeed on the cover of the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, and when I pulled it from my mailbox today, the first thing I thought was "I wonder if Asta has seen this?" :)
LOL. Thanks, it's nice to be thought of. :)

My subscription apparently comes by way of pack mule since half the time I receive it after it's already on the newstands. I shall remain on the look out though.
Hugh is on a digital television ad that is played here all the damn time, and every time I see it I think 'Asta!' I think you need to come pay me a visit just to see the ad :)