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The Sound You Hear Is Me Falling Off My Chair

While IMing with writteninstars I was also perusing LJ and following a series of links that took me to Common Rotations website. As I was quickly scrolling down the screen, passing their concert dates, I came to a screeching hault...

Wednesday April 7, Grand Rapids MI

Um, that would be where I live! In a place not a mile from my office! And I'm just discovering this?!

Now I have to call Stacey tomorrow (she's just about the only person I know who would be remotely interested - that lives here) to see if she's available that night. Worst case scenerio is I'll go by myself. I have to see the Buffyverse band trifecta - GotR, Common Rotation, and Kane. :)

I'm guessing they'll still have tickets available. Actually, CR isn't the main act it's some group called The Nields? Anyone ever heard of them?

In other news, I watched the second episode of Wonderfalls tonight. I liked it better than the premire, though they could still take the 'Hey, aren't we cool and clever' vibe down a notch. Bianca annoyed me. And I still identify with Jaye waaaay too much. *makes note to self to cut back on saying "whatever"* I do like her family a lot. Most TV shows either give us an idealized version of the American family or the quirky and dysfuntional stereotype. Jaye's family is actually normal - they have faults but it's pretty damn obvious they also care about each other.

I also watched the second episode of Touching Evil. Damn the sinister attraction of unbalanced men. Yeah, I'm pretty much sucked into this one already. I'm even noting the chemistry between the two leads. Well, it's obvious she has feeling for him already! I sooo need to get a life.
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