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Weekend Post Attempt #2

Most of this is a repeat of a post I did earlier that apparently got buried in yesterday's posts. Stupid LJ. Anyway, since I'm back, I shall add my

Lauren has a shred of humanity, she apparently didn't want the kids hurt. Gee, that really makes me want her life spared now. :p

Irina's name inscribed on the Rambaldi box - very cool and very intriguing especially since Sark was so set on reclaiming that one piece.

Jack knows! Or is at least suspicious of Lauren. Granted, I think Luaren tipping him off by using the term "love" is far-fetched, but damn if I didn't enjoy the moment of realization by Jack.

Oh, and Sark looked hot. Um, that's all.

Like almost everyone else on my friends list, I saw Eternal Sunshine this afternoon. I'll spare you the suspense - I liked it. I liked it quite a lot actually. It was nice to see Jim Carrey not hamming it up in a film for a change and in a beautifully written and acted love story to boot. Some of the best damn characterizations I've seen in a long time. Now a days you usually have to turn to television for this caliber of character development.

Since I always seem to have one criticism I wouldn't want to disappoint. ;) The Patrick (Elijah Wood) subplot seemed underdeveloped. If you removed him from the film (yes, I realize the irony ;) would it have any real impact on the rest of the story?

As far as the rest of the weekend goes, I've accomplished far less than I had hoped to. It took me forever to get dressed and get out of the apartment yesterday (PMS induced depression). Once out though, I did have some shopping success. Spent far too much on magazines, but found Cinefantatique with Hugh on the cover, the latest Buffy mag (interview with James), and the April issue of Dreamwatch also containing an interview with James.

I would have skipped purchasing the Dreamwatch had there not been more of interest for me. (I had no clue that Alien vs Predator was in production!) But, the interview with James was interesting and informative - I only felt like slapping him once. :p His interpretation of Spike still differs from the writers, but he does address some criticisms fans have had of Spike this season in a way that made me rethink a few things.

I also had some clothes shopping success. The Limited was having yet another sale. I managed to pick up a sweater, blouse, and two pairs a pants for half (or less) than their original price. It killed me to see people buying stuff at full price in there. Have they not learned to make a note of what they like and come back in a couple months? Apparently not.

And last night, I discovered an interview with Christian Kane at City of Angel. There are what may be construed as spoilers in the article so be warned. Beyond Angel he talks about Kane and working on a second album. :) It also turns out he'll be guest starring on Las Vegas next month. ::faints:: Christian and Josh together on screen? I don't know if my heart can take it.

Now, off to fold laundry. I shall try to control my excitement.
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I kinda saw Patrick as a tool for both humor and to stress the fact that Clementine wasn't going to be happy with anyone but Joel. I think some of his stolen comments to her also set in motion her despair near the end. There were certain snippets of dialogue that seemed to portray big faults in the process of the memory extraction (Mary's quotes about memory and how she was fascinated with them, Clementine remembering Huckleberry Hound when Joel was not even though he was the one who seemed to first bring it into play and Clementine reacting negatively to Patrick's attempts to woo her - as if she recognized his words, but his stylings didn't seem genuine and she felt that). I think Patrick was used as much as Mary in the plot to demonstrate that flaw in the "system". I do, however, believe there will be some chunky deleted scenes with him on the DVD.

Speaking of Van Helsing (kinda sorta), the rumor is that the Universal Theme Park franchise is planning on opening attractions with a Van Helsing theme. I think they're waiting to see how the movie does, but if they do a ride film - I'm all about some Hugh!
There were certain snippets of dialogue that seemed to portray big faults in the process of the memory extraction...

Totally agree with your point (and excellent examples :). We were having a discussion about that yesterday. I don't think you could ever completely erase someone's memories. There is too much connected to them. The one example that stands out for me is when Joel and Clementine meet (again) on the train and Clementine tells Joel she's sure she's met him somewhere before.

It was also important that Joel's neighbor recognized her. There is no way Lacuna could account for every object or person met - something at some point would have triggered a memory presumably.

As for the Universal Theme Park - do we get to fight over who will ride Hugh? ;)

do we get to fight over who will ride Hugh? ;)

We could take turns. Also, remember to remain seated until the ride comes to a full stop and that people with heart conditions and expectant mothers shouldn't ride. :p Yee haw!
And when he talks about Spike and *Buffy*, strangling is my impulse.

LOL. Me too. As far as I can recall there was no discussion of Buffy or Spuffy so you don't have to worry about your homicidal impulses. ;)

If you can't find a copy of the magazine or a transcript on line, let me know and I 'll try to give you the highlights. Two things that stand out in my mind regard the early part of the season. TThe decision to see what I would call a 'regressed' Spike was actually what the writers wanted to go for. James was told to play the character as he did in his early seasons on Buffy - as the "fly in the ointment" he use to be.

He also mentions constantly having his hands in his pockets and looking as if he was cold all the time. James felt Spike's tendancy to lean against things while he was standing was a big part of his character. The writers told him he could no longer do that because it would appear to contradict his not being corporeal. To compensate for not being to interact with his surroudings he decided to shove his hands in the coat pockets and look as if he was cold. Wihtout a body and isolated from the world, he felt Spike would literally feel this way.

As for Alias, I don't get how Syd got out of there either. Wouldn't have the alarms been blazing? After all, she damaged the equipment and stole the objeect. Wouldn't the folks in the next room have come running?

Dixon knowing the computer programs didn't bother me. They established a couple a times that he was fairly involved with operations at the facility and one of a seeming few who even about it. I could fathom that he knew how to get around thier security systems.

So I'll give it because the show is still loads of fun for me at this point. Plus, people pretty!

I still think this is the shows weakest season, but, as long as the pretty people are there, I'll stick around. ;)