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Weekend Post Attempt #2

Most of this is a repeat of a post I did earlier that apparently got buried in yesterday's posts. Stupid LJ. Anyway, since I'm back, I shall add my

Lauren has a shred of humanity, she apparently didn't want the kids hurt. Gee, that really makes me want her life spared now. :p

Irina's name inscribed on the Rambaldi box - very cool and very intriguing especially since Sark was so set on reclaiming that one piece.

Jack knows! Or is at least suspicious of Lauren. Granted, I think Luaren tipping him off by using the term "love" is far-fetched, but damn if I didn't enjoy the moment of realization by Jack.

Oh, and Sark looked hot. Um, that's all.

Like almost everyone else on my friends list, I saw Eternal Sunshine this afternoon. I'll spare you the suspense - I liked it. I liked it quite a lot actually. It was nice to see Jim Carrey not hamming it up in a film for a change and in a beautifully written and acted love story to boot. Some of the best damn characterizations I've seen in a long time. Now a days you usually have to turn to television for this caliber of character development.

Since I always seem to have one criticism I wouldn't want to disappoint. ;) The Patrick (Elijah Wood) subplot seemed underdeveloped. If you removed him from the film (yes, I realize the irony ;) would it have any real impact on the rest of the story?

As far as the rest of the weekend goes, I've accomplished far less than I had hoped to. It took me forever to get dressed and get out of the apartment yesterday (PMS induced depression). Once out though, I did have some shopping success. Spent far too much on magazines, but found Cinefantatique with Hugh on the cover, the latest Buffy mag (interview with James), and the April issue of Dreamwatch also containing an interview with James.

I would have skipped purchasing the Dreamwatch had there not been more of interest for me. (I had no clue that Alien vs Predator was in production!) But, the interview with James was interesting and informative - I only felt like slapping him once. :p His interpretation of Spike still differs from the writers, but he does address some criticisms fans have had of Spike this season in a way that made me rethink a few things.

I also had some clothes shopping success. The Limited was having yet another sale. I managed to pick up a sweater, blouse, and two pairs a pants for half (or less) than their original price. It killed me to see people buying stuff at full price in there. Have they not learned to make a note of what they like and come back in a couple months? Apparently not.

And last night, I discovered an interview with Christian Kane at City of Angel. There are what may be construed as spoilers in the article so be warned. Beyond Angel he talks about Kane and working on a second album. :) It also turns out he'll be guest starring on Las Vegas next month. ::faints:: Christian and Josh together on screen? I don't know if my heart can take it.

Now, off to fold laundry. I shall try to control my excitement.

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