Asta 2

It's Birthday Posting Time Again...

Today is the day we were blessed with lynnb's presence in this world. She is thoughtful, wise, witty, and cute as a button. Not to mention a saint for being willing to put up with me and my partner in crime for an entire week in May.

But, above all, she is the defender of the faith (Spuffy) and an even bigger defender of Ms Geller (I suspect money may be involved there). She is our calm in the storm...unless spoilers are involved. ;) So, without further adieu....


Hope you have a Happy Day. ;-)
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(I suspect money may be involved there).

Hah! If that were true I'd be off unemployment, LOL. However, even at no pay I will always be a defender of Spuffy and SMG. It is the right thing to do.

Thanks, kiddo, you are a true peach. And you know we are always ready willing and able to join you two in any crimes you have planned ;)