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Whining and Pimping (No Smart Remarks Jonesie :p)

Note to all of you on my friends list...Stop posting so much! You've managed to make me waste half my morning at work when I should have been working. I know what you're thinking "But, but, that's *your* choice". To which I rebut if you weren't all so interesting or talented I wouldn't be compelled to read your posts. So, see, it's really YOUR fault. :p

Speaking of talented, I highly suggest you check out saava's LJ for some spiffy new Spuffy icons of which I have one on display.

Said icon is also appropriate to pimp fer1213's hilarious Pound Me With Your Stake up at Wisteria's badficathon.

Oh, and nautibitz had a very entertaining report regarding the Creation Con in New Jersey and running into Nick. I wonder if I'll be fortunate enough to run into Christian in a bar? Probably not. :(

OK, now I'm off to catch up on the work I should have been doing this morning...

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