The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

Everything I forgot to say earlier....

Apparently there is now an accepted alternate spelling for 'the' - teh. Along with being a "ringleader" (please see writteninstars LJ for further explaination ;) I now consider myself a trendsetter. Because people, I've been mispelling the for years. ;)

It looks as if I will be seeing Common Rotation next month and, bonus, it's a free show. :) I had this confirmed via e-mail by Michael at WYCE, the radio station putting on the gig.

Michael is also quite the comedian. Seems there has been a lot of interest in this show, specifically CR, which originally came as quite a surprise to the staff since they were the 'opening act'. I volunteered that my interest originates from me being a BtVS fan. His response? "I sorta figured you were a BTVS fab, since there seems to be a plethora of them crawling out of their woodworked caskets that seem to know little about WYCE...." I enlightened him a bit about our fandom. But, if I run into Michael on April 7, he may also be getting his ass kicked.

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