Asta 2

Everything I forgot to say earlier....

Apparently there is now an accepted alternate spelling for 'the' - teh. Along with being a "ringleader" (please see writteninstars LJ for further explaination ;) I now consider myself a trendsetter. Because people, I've been mispelling the for years. ;)

It looks as if I will be seeing Common Rotation next month and, bonus, it's a free show. :) I had this confirmed via e-mail by Michael at WYCE, the radio station putting on the gig.

Michael is also quite the comedian. Seems there has been a lot of interest in this show, specifically CR, which originally came as quite a surprise to the staff since they were the 'opening act'. I volunteered that my interest originates from me being a BtVS fan. His response? "I sorta figured you were a BTVS fab, since there seems to be a plethora of them crawling out of their woodworked caskets that seem to know little about WYCE...." I enlightened him a bit about our fandom. But, if I run into Michael on April 7, he may also be getting his ass kicked.
WIS! WIS! WIS! Here is your chance to laugh heartily at Satan's Hellspawn as her spelling takes its own revenge!

::giggles like mad and runs away, promising to explain tomorrow if no one else understands WHY hilarity has ensued::
OK, I can't believe you are the only one who caught it. Then again, maybe no one else is reading my LJ! ::weeps::

Anyway, I fixed my boo-boo. Sadly, that's one thing spell check can't catch. :(
Mean ol' Asta fixed it. This was her original link: writtenstars

And when I first clicked on it, my reactions went roughly as follows:
- Wissy has two LJs?
- Wissy writes slash??
- Wissy writes slash about stuff I've never even heard of???
- Wissy has a second "friends only" LJ on which I don't count as a friend, in spite of all the monkey-support I've been giving her????

Then, with more than a little pouting involved, I investigate further to see who IS worthy of friend status - and suddenly all becomes clear. The AstaTypoTM has struck again.

I then laughed a lot. Believe me, to a tired Goyle at gone pumpkin hour, it seemed very funny.