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I'm Spam Girl Today

Yes, this is my third post today. I think that's a record for me.

To begin with, re-reading my last entry three times after a tip off by me dear Goyle, I finally caught a whopper of a typo. Nothing like linking to the wrong LJ. :p I'm guessing anyone who read it knew who I was actually talking about. Anywho, it's been fixed.

Speaking of LJ, what the frell is up with it? I'm not receiving any e-mails notifying me of replies/comments. Very annoying.

So, I'm watching American Idol and a wee bit disappointed. The show got off to a great start then went downhill. I still don't think John Stevens has a chance in Hell of winning this thing, but I still really enjoy his voice. And even though he flubbed the lyrics, I thought he gave one of his strongest performances tonight including a bit of showmanship. At least he should be safe for another week. Right now I think LaToya London is the best overall performer - voice, looks, and personality. Which means someone else will win...
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