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The Excitement Never Ends.....

Pretty much nothing interesting happened until about 2:30...when I preceeded to piss off a partner...again. ;-) Seems he took issue with me questioning $300 and $400 meal expenses at a seminar. Oh, he only asked for half back since his wife was with him, but, still, how is a $100 plus bottle of wine with dinner a necessity?

His defence given via e-mail to myself, my boss (yes, we had to drag him into it), and another partner, who was put in charge of reigning in these expenses last year, was quite a piece of work. He, in fact, managed to make things worse for himself. Should be interesting to get an update tomorrow.

Unfortunately I had to leave early for my yearly physical. Yippee. I swear I don't know how he can make an accurate diagnosis at the speed in which he examined me. Then again, had I said "yes" when he asked if I was having chest pains or vaginal bleeding he may have stopped to follow up. :p

After that I went to Mom's for more flood work. Salvation Army is picking up phase one of the house cleaning on Friday which meant I got to help take furniture out to the garage ("If you can't come over I suppose I can drag it out there myself" - yeah, no guilt there) and venture up into the heels...because I forgot to bring a change of shoes.

When that fun was over I got to drive home in torrentual rain (yes, Cathy, we got it too).

I've spent the remainder of the night watching mindless TV. Who was voted off on American Idol wasn't surprising, but one of those in the bottom three certainly was. Are people actually listening to the singing?! I'm guessing, not so much.

As for The O.C., can a show jump the shark in it's first season? Hell, they're mocking themselves already. Though, I admit it made me chuckle on a few occasions. And it gives me something to bitch about. Oh, Marissa still needs to die. :)

Time for bed. And to all a goodnight...
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