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Um, Can't Really Think of A Subject Line

Why didn't I know that Krispy Kreme had a chocolate covered, carmel filled donut before today? Why?!?! As you may be able to tell, it was very yummy. Lynn/Cindy we WILL be stocking up on these in May. ;)

writteninstars e-mailed me at work this morning to taunt me with the fact she was watching Dawson's Creek featuring a guest appearance by my tiny Texan, Christian Kane. My dear, sweet, kind, considerate, generous (have I sucked up enough? ;) friend is sending me a copy of the ep. Apparently he's shirtless in a hot tub at one point. Nuff said.

And now...TV thoughts!

Hmmmm, my feelings on this episode are mixed. There are parts I found quite wonderful. The chemistry between Jaye and Cute Bartender (whose name escapes me at the moment) is terrific. How adorable were they trying to listen through the wall?

And I appreciated how the show addressed religion without being preachy or heavy handed about it. My favorite moment was the family intervention and Jaye's father stating she needs to be following "our Lord". Hee.

But, I felt the story with the nun took a rather bizarre turn. When she drugged, bound, and threatened to cut the devil out of Jaye, her behavior went from quirky to psychotic.

I have to admit though, I was tearing up at the end. Not to mention, nice twist, with the 'bring her to him'. :)

Did I hear right? The show is moving to Thursdays? Is this a good thing?

OK, I'm going on record, I'm buying Touching Evil if/when it comes out on DVD. It says a lot about a show that after only three episodes it can make you care a lot about the characters. Hell, they even have my sympathizing with serial killers tonight.

I wish the story arc with Peter's character had played out a bit longer. I was actually surprised they had him pull the trigger. Probably because most shows would have copped out on that moment.

Oh, and Kreegan looks better in a suit. ;p

Tomorrow I'm seeing Jersey Girl and Sunday a sneak peak of The Prince & Me. The latter wasn't on my list of must see movies, but I reserve the right to humor Stacey's whims once in a while.
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