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Why didn't I know that Krispy Kreme had a chocolate covered, carmel filled donut before today? Why?!?! As you may be able to tell, it was very yummy. Lynn/Cindy we WILL be stocking up on these in May. ;)

writteninstars e-mailed me at work this morning to taunt me with the fact she was watching Dawson's Creek featuring a guest appearance by my tiny Texan, Christian Kane. My dear, sweet, kind, considerate, generous (have I sucked up enough? ;) friend is sending me a copy of the ep. Apparently he's shirtless in a hot tub at one point. Nuff said.

And now...TV thoughts!

Hmmmm, my feelings on this episode are mixed. There are parts I found quite wonderful. The chemistry between Jaye and Cute Bartender (whose name escapes me at the moment) is terrific. How adorable were they trying to listen through the wall?

And I appreciated how the show addressed religion without being preachy or heavy handed about it. My favorite moment was the family intervention and Jaye's father stating she needs to be following "our Lord". Hee.

But, I felt the story with the nun took a rather bizarre turn. When she drugged, bound, and threatened to cut the devil out of Jaye, her behavior went from quirky to psychotic.

I have to admit though, I was tearing up at the end. Not to mention, nice twist, with the 'bring her to him'. :)

Did I hear right? The show is moving to Thursdays? Is this a good thing?

OK, I'm going on record, I'm buying Touching Evil if/when it comes out on DVD. It says a lot about a show that after only three episodes it can make you care a lot about the characters. Hell, they even have my sympathizing with serial killers tonight.

I wish the story arc with Peter's character had played out a bit longer. I was actually surprised they had him pull the trigger. Probably because most shows would have copped out on that moment.

Oh, and Kreegan looks better in a suit. ;p

Tomorrow I'm seeing Jersey Girl and Sunday a sneak peak of The Prince & Me. The latter wasn't on my list of must see movies, but I reserve the right to humor Stacey's whims once in a while.
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OMG, chocolate covered and carmel filled!?! Oh yeah, we are definitely stocking up ;) That and the cookies and cream one Cindy had a while back that she liked so much. Yum.

I did miss Wonderfalls, but your review summed it up pretty well :)
Ooooo, cookies and cream sound good too. The only reason I found about the carmel filled one is because a guy at work owed me donuts (long story). I informed him he had very good taste. :)
Very good taste :) Whatever he did, the donuts no doubt made up for it ;)
My dear, sweet, kind, considerate, generous (have I sucked up enough? ;) friend is sending me a copy of the ep.

Really? Do you know who he played? Can't remember him there.

Probably because most shows would have copped out on that moment.

I agree. This was my first time really seeing an entire ep and I was really liking it. I hope they rerun the past eps so i can catch up.
I was never an avid DC viewer, but she told me Christian was playing Pacey's sister's boyfriend and was a real ass. Imagine him playing the bad guy! ;)

I'm glad to see you are enjoying Touching Evil. It's my goal to get as many people as possible hooked on this show. :)
Hey, Ali! He played Gretchen's ex-boyfriend. 'Member Pacey and Gretchen went back to her college to pick up her car and Pacey vehemently didn't want Gretchen to date Dawson; so, he was practically offering her to her ex on a platter until he realized what an ass the guy was? The ass was Christian Kane. :-)
Eek! I think I saw part of this ep! This description sounds very familiar. Hmmm, I must have missed the good parts though. ;)
Thanks! Damn, now i wanna see the ep, as i can't remember that. I t*think* i was watching it that season though. Hadn't completely given up on it yet ;)
But why'd it have to be Peter? *cries* Man, every time I find him on a show and get excited, he either turns out to be a bad guy and gets killed off or the show gets cancelled. At least this time he didn't get killed, and he's not evil, just messed up. Plus he got to show his acting chops. And he made me cry. I probably shouldn't be hoping that just because his character got fired doesn't mean that he won't ever be back, should I?

I didn't hear the thing about Wonderfalls moving to Thursday, but I probably got distracted and missed it.
About Midway through the ep I thought of you. More precisely, I thought "Uh-Oh, Jean's not going to be happy about this".

You know, I thought he may come back after he was informed they didn't have enough evidence to arrest him for the first murder. But, after the second murder, unless it's a visit in prison, I doubt it. :(

It's amazing how moving he and the writers made his brief time on the show. From the revelation that his daughter was born brain dead, to believeing he was going to be able to come back to work, to his final goodbyes, and ultimately wanting Kreegan to pull the trigger. Great performance.
I get that it was a miracle. But, the one thing that bugged me about the end was how he just came right out and told the girl he was her father and she immediatley excepted him. Somehow I doubt it's that easy in real life.

We really need to find out Cute Bartender's name. Though, there is certainly nothing wrong with the nick name Cute Bartender. ;)
My dear, sweet, kind, considerate, generous (have I sucked up enough? ;)

Keep it comin'. ;-)
Caramel and chocolate - individually, but most especially combined - are proof positive there is a god.

The only Krispy Kreme in Toronto is out in the burbs. What's a carless donut ho to do?

Yoohoo... x_h00ine you reading this?