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So, after not looking at LJ for about nine hours I come back to find very few updates. ::Hugs you guys:: I wanted to get away from the computer this weekend and I appreciate how you are all making it easy for me. :)

Since I've been feeling rather lethargic lately I decided to try taking ginseng to see if it would pep me up a bit. Does it work after one day? I only crashed on the couch once today and considering I'd been on the go since early this morning it was natural I'd need a little rest.

Saw Jersey Girl this afternoon. It's a cute film. There were a couple of spots where it dragged a bit. On the plus side, the little girl is an amazing find. And who knew Ben Affleck could sing?! Not well, but he sings. ;p He was also far less annoying than he usually in his films (I even found him kinda attractive. Yeah, I'm shocked too.). It seems Kevin Smith brings out the best out in him. Though, if I didn't know this was a Kevin Smith film I wouldn't know it was a Kevin Smith film. It's much more of a traditional Hollywood film than his previous efforts so be forwarned.

Went to Target this afternoon in an ongoing effort to spruce up the spring wardrobe. Did manage to find a ahort sleeve red sweater and an adorable black patent leather purse. Now, if only Aerosoles would have a sale on their shoes. I loathe paying full price and I need sandals!

I just managed to catch the last half of an ep of Century City. The words mediocre and cheesy come to mind.

Enough with the spam, I'll leave you all in peace now. :)

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