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I'm Denny Crane!

Did it work? Do I have your rapt attention? If not, it has at least amused myself, writteninstars, and reckleslinguist to no end.

First off, has anyone else seen The Manchurian Candidate? Because JJ obviously has. In the film, set during the Cold War, a senator's wife, who has allied herself with the communists, has brainwashed her son to become an assasin amongst other things. Sound familar?

I speculated earlier in the season that The Covenant had succeeded with Lauren where it failed with Syd. I noticed during her attempt to kill her father she stopped and grabbed her head as if she was confused and fightening against her training. Unfortunately, I think we may be feeling some sympathy for Lauren by the end of the season if she has, in fact, been a pawn in all this.

Anyone want to join me in kicking Vaughn's ass? Or in the search for his backbone? How much of a sap is he if Sark knows he'll stay with Lauren if her father dies? Geesh.

The final scene broke my heart. Poor Syd trying unsuccessfully to choke back the tears as she relizes there will be no coffee date. :(

Overall I found this to be one of the better episodes this season. It at least held my attention from beginning to end. Sadly, we now have to wait two weeks to see this (hopefully) much of this resolved.

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