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And It's Only Tuesday ::weeps::

I expect the last day of the month at work to be hellish. But the next to the last day? I warned TC numerous times if she heard sobbing, it was me. Most likely under my desk.

She seemed to be the only one to care I was having a bad day. The rest of them either didn't, didn't choose to notice, or were too wrapped up in their socializing. Sheryl had the nerve to ask at 4:10 if I needed any help. And that offer apparently expired at 5:00 (when she bolted out the door) because she may be busy tomorrow. Most likely true considering how little she did today.

Frankly, tomorrow could be as bad as today and I wouldn't ask her for help. She'd enjoy it too damn much thinking she bailed me out.

So, enough of my bitching. :) I think the ginseng supplement may be doing some good. Normally, I would have ended up curled up in the fetal position on the couch the entire night after a day like I had. Instead I only spent an hour doing that. ;) Followed by a shower, some online shopping, and now posting.

And watching American Idol which pretty much sucked and blowed. At least Frasier is entertaining. My adoration of Laura Linney is only growing.

Anyone else ever lurk at an LJ then suddenly realize you're reading a friends locked post? And think that can't be possible. Then realize you've been friended and wonder why the Hell that is because of boring, whiny posts like this one? OK, just me....

Note to wisteria_, check out this week's Entertainment Weekly. I thought of you as soon as a I saw the article 'Family Business' - Arrested Development is the funniest show in years. Why aren't you watching? Here's hoping the media buzz leads to a second season.
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