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No need for a subject line since my icon sums up what I was feeling earlier tonight. So, this season on American Idol the viewers are choosing not to listen to the singing?

If this keeps up every week I don't know if I can watch. America, you made me agree with Paula! NOOOOOO!!!! None of those folks deserved to be in the bottom three. LaToya?! She's being picked as one of the final two. Of course that's by writers and critics who are basing their analysis on, oh, gee, singing ability.

Poor John Stevens. He knew he sucked the night before. You could see he was resigned to his name being called when it was down to he and LaToya. And when it was LaToya's name called and he looked genuinely shocked. Not to mention guilty. He was fighting back tears the rest of the night. We know this because the producers refused to take the camera off him so the country could share in his agony. Nice.

Almost as nice as Ryan Seacrest telling us all that whoever got voted off was a great big loser with no hope of ever having a career. Their dreams ruined, facing a life in the fast food industry. Huh? So, the plan is to put these folks on a pedestal then tear their self esteem to shreds once up there. Just in case you can't tell, I was pretty disgusted with tonight's show.

I've decided it would be best if Marissa *and* Ryan were to die on The O.C. Though, it is humorous to note that the two who were to be THE stars of the show, THE hot couple, are the most boring aspect of it. Anyone disagree with me that the Cohen family drama was far more interesting and entertaining than the Marissa/Ryan overblown angst fest?

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