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If anyone comes across any Touching Evil icons, point me in their direction. Thanks in advance. :)

And writteninstars and reckleslinguist, if you didn't watch tonight, if you didn't tape it, two words: BRADLEY COOPER!!!

He was on and looks to be coming back. For any other Alias/Bradley fans who care to see him, the ep will air again Saturday at 10:00am and Sunday at 10:30pm and 12:30am (all times Eastern).

What I loved about tonight's ep:

- Someone on this show is a Buffy fan. Not only was one of the victims Sarah Geller, but the closing shot of Creegan and Branca reminded me a lot of the final shot of Spike and Buffy in 'Fool For Love'.

- Creegan leaping towards Bradley Cooper. Pricesless. Not only was it totaly unexpected, it was extremely well executed.

- I loved the shot of Branca and Creegan as they are watching Laney being interviewd by reporters - standing side by side in the exact same position with their arms crossed. It says a lot about their relationship that they are already adopting each other's body language. Plus, it was funny.

- Playing hangman during the briefing and the expressions on their face when caught by their boss. And what was with throwing the word sex in their Ms Branca? ;)

- The main plot was good if not great. I do give the writers credit for the twist of allowing the serial killer's final victim to die instead of being rescued at the last moment. That definitely flew in the face of traditional crime drama wisdom.

- The real success of this ep was the character development. We certainly have a much better understanding of Branca and her sometimes emotional aloofness. I'm wondering if her break down at the end (magnificent performance) had as much to do with Laney's death as three years of bottled up emotion.

- The scene where she hauled off and slapped Creegan (deservedly so). It tells a lot about their relationship. He was hurt by certain revelations and impulsively wanted to hurt her in return. Yet, it's probably also the last thing he wants to do to her. At the same time, he's shocked by her response. Until that moment, I don't know if either realized just how much they could effect each other or how important

Yeah, I know, I'm already way too involved in this show and this ship. On the brightside, it looks like they have a full season of eps already completed so I can't be too bitterly disappointed. :)

ETA: I found icons! Apparently there are communities for everything. :)

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