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Sunday Recap

Yesterday I was in quite a foul mood. I don't know why exactly, but I couldn't muster up the interest or strength to do much of anything. And I still need to do my taxes. It's not like the take me that long so I'm not worried. Maybe I'll even get a chunck of them done tonight since there is no Alias on. (Yes, Wisteria, I will be watching Arrested Development :p)

Today I slept in, managed to get some cleaning done, then headed to the movies to see Hellboy. I enjoyed Hellboy quite a bit. It's one of the better comic book/super hero films I've seen (X-Men still has the advantage of having Hugh ;). I've always argued that these types of films are always more successful when you hire people who can act (and as Cousinjean pointed out) take their roles seriously. I loved the opening scene, the genuinely creepy villians, and how well the characters were introduced to us. Also, there was a scene that may stand out amongst us Buffy fans. ;)

I did have a couple quibbles (don't I always? ;). There's obviously more to John's character/backstory then we were shown (why was he picked to aid Hellboy?). My guess is that more will be revealed in the sequel. And the ending seemed rather rushed and poorly conceived. Still, I'd recommend it to people.

After that we all went to lunch at Panera where I had a yummy steak sandwich followed by ice cream at Coldstone which was also very yummy - and way more than I could eat.

Gosh, isn't my life exciting? Now I think I shall go flip through some magazines. The fun never stops!
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Oh, I shall definitely go see it now.

It has a good review from a friend :)

And possibly the ending felt a bit rushed and ill concieved because the films budget was cut right down, which may have changed things a bit.

Its got to be better than Daredevil though.
If the budget was slashed, you certainly couldn't tell on screen. The effects, makeup designs, and overall look of the film were very good.
Ive been reading a lot about it in Total Film.

How did you find Ron Perlman by the way (Hell Boy)? I think hes a cool actor.
Ron did an excellent job portraying both Hellboy's angst as well as his lighter (sarcastic) side. It says a lot about an actor to successfully convey a characters emotions under layers of latex.

And, most importantly, you can tell he took the role seriously. When actors don't...well, far too many examples of what can go wrong.
A good movie and a good meal - sounds like a perfect Sunday to me :)

Thanks for the rec - I'd seen the preview so many times this winter and it looked interesting, so hopefully we'll go see it.
Oooh!! I saw Hellboy this afternoon too!! It's like we watched it together!!

Okay, what scene was Buffy-esque? And you're right about John's backstory. There's definitely something there we don't know about.
Okay, what scene was Buffy-esque?

The scene where our villians head to the temple(?) to resurrect Rasputin. The guide is stabbed, falls to the grown, and his blood proceeds to flow opening up the seal. I immediately thought of the final season of Buffy. :)
Riiiight! The way the blood went around and around the seal like that. I didn't even THINK of Buffy. Sheesh! They're going to take away my membership card!
I don't think they'll take your membership card away. They may suspend your fanfic privileges for a week though. :O
After that we all went to lunch at Panera where I had a yummy steak sandwich followed by ice cream at Coldstone which was also very yummy - and way more than I could eat.

Coldstone ice cream is always exciting!

I have to ask, who is that kissing on your icon? Is the one with the longish blonish hair Kurt Cobain? Or maybe Jeff Bridges as The Dude? I must know.

And I finally wrote my embarassing sex story, so go read it, please.
It was the first time I had ever had Coldstone and was very impressed. Except with thier waffle cone -I've had better. I'll just stick to getting a bowl of ice cream next time.

Hee. I wondered if anyone would recognize who is in my icon. It's Colin and Renee from Bridget Jones Diary. I love that film. Well, I love Colin. ;)

Oh, I read your sex story. Sorry I didn't comment, I was barely able to read LJ that night let alone come up with anything coherent to say. I was expecting it to be much more embarassing though with helicopters flying overhead, news crews, footage on the 11:00 news. I was very disappointed not to have any graphic evidence. ;)