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Well, I'm In Complete Shock

OH...MY....GOD....I'm stunned. I thought the Buffy finale would be the one to bring me to tears, but this not only had me on the verge, my stomach is still in knots an hour later. I have a (bad) feeling that things are as they appear. Syd has been MIA for two years and Vaughn is married! I was surprised JJ had them hook up as soon as they did, plus they seemed way too happy, which only means he had to rip them apart in the most stomach churning, heart wrenching way possible.

Now we'll probably spend next season watching Syd try to figure out what happened to her while working side by side with Vaughn - the man she loved only yesterday but it's been two years for him. He'll probably try to make the marriage work, realize it can't because he still loves her, and they will be together again...eventually.

Of course, if we want to venture into sci-fi territory it's possible the Rambaldi artifacts, when put together, can alter time or alter perception and this isn't really real? I hope that's the case for quite a few reasons one of which being this lost memory deal seems way to X-Menish for me.

And if the Rambaldi artifacts have been put together and are operational, wouldn't Sloane have executed his plan within these supposed two years? And wouldn't have Irina, with all her contacts, located Syd before she 'woke up' in Hong Kong?

There's lots of other stuff to consider as well if all this is real...

Which side is Sark now on? When last we saw him he was in CIA custody. And, is it just me, or was he captured rather easily?

Is Francie/Allison really dead? Seems odd they would introduce her relationship to Sark and his jealousy then just drop it. Plus, her emotional breakdown after stabbing Will? She may be a cold blooded killer but one that seems a bit conflicted about her job. Did she care for Will?

Where's Jack in all of this? You'd think he'd be with Vaughn wanting nothing more than to reunite with his missing daughter. Has he possibly left the CIA or, worse yet, taken Sloane up on his offer?

OK, I shall now take a break from the obsessing and mention some of the things in the ep's themselves that I liked.

Will...who knew you could fire a weapon with such precision?

Dixon...who finally has a worthwhile role in the show again. He's been great the past few weeks.

Syd/Vaughn and all the great little moments between them. His smirk/laugh when he thinks of her in the S&M club. Syd's "Hi Honey" and Vaughn's "Hi Dear". The entire scene on the couch. The 'Oh Crap' moment when they realize that the CIA has them on tape. (And when did the CIA stop caring that two of their agents our romantically involved with each other?)

Irina telling Syd how much she loves her and Jack. I never have trusted the woman and will continue to be distrustful of her (very cool escape by the way), but I always believed she loved her daughter. Her admission of still loving Jack though was a pleasant surprise. :)

Well, a lot to think about. I haven't been this on edge with a cliffhanger since ST:TNG 'The Best of Both Worlds PT 1'. Ugh, it's going to be a long summer. :(

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