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Hot Damn!

Who says Mondays suck? Here are two bits of great news courtesy of TVGuide online:

FAR OUT!: Farscape is returning home to the Sci Fi Channel. The cabler has finalized a deal to air Farscape: Peacekeeper War, the highly-anticipated four-hour miniseries that will tie up all the loose ends left dangling when Sci Fi axed the acclaimed drama last year. The project has already wrapped production and is slated to air at the end of the year.

Hee! And oh the irony of it all. I'm guessing this will air in either November, or more likely, December.

I SPY A PLUM PART: Alias hottie Michael Vartan is in talks to join the cast of Monster-in-Law, which centers on a girl (Jennifer Lopez) who's set to marry the perfect guy (Vartan) until she meets his mother (Jane Fonda). Vartan would shoot the film this summer during his Alias hiatus.

Well, I suppose I can deal with J Ho for Michael's sake. She just better keep her damn hands off of him when they're not filming.
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