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Two Down One to Go (AKA I saw Common Rotation tonight)

BTW, my header refers to the fact that I have now seen two of the three bands with a Buffy/Angel alum in them (I shall be seeing Kane next month :). My verdict is that GotR is definitely the least talented of the three.

Let me say I was mighty impressed with CR. They gave an amazing performance full of energy, humor, and terrific music. We had great seats to view the proceedings (about three tables back) but probably got there far earlier than we really needed to. Better safe than sorry. And I noticed that either Adam has either lost weight since his time on Buffy or the camera really does pack on the pounds. ;)

Sadly the show only lasted about 45 minutes since they were considered the 'opening act'. I believe they performed about ten songs and it would be very hard for me to pick a fav. I *think* it's 'Everything Under the Sun' - if that's the ballad - that I really felt.

I'll have to check out their website to see about ordering some fo their CDs. The only one they had for sale was The Hotel Cafe and it's a live recording. Even Stacey bought a copy (they had her at 'Clear Channel'). She called CR "entertaining" - that's high praise coming from her.

Sorry to say I can't tell you anything about The Nields. They came out at the very end of CR's set to join in on the chorus of a song. That was enough for Stacey to tell me we were leaving. :p The woman sitting at our table, who came to see The Nields, probably thought we were terrible people. ;)

As for the rest of my day, I spent a small fortune at the new discount shoe store in town. I purchased three pairs of shoes and a new purse. None of them black! I really should have had more self control. While the items were discounted, they weren't exactly Payless prices. But, the shoes fit well and they were sooooo cute on me. :)

I've been listening to the Succubus Club show with Tim Minear while perusing LJ (Skip=50! I can't leave you people alone for one day!) I'd like to say this show is interesting, but I've had to listen to a half hour discussing Wonderfalls cancellation and what's wrong with network TV. Borrr-innnng.

Now, I'm off to do a second post since it contains a some slightly spoilery interviews I read in Sci-Fi Magazine this afternoon (Hugh is on the cover btw :). I hate to mix spoilage in with largely non-fandom posts.

ETA: OK, now I want Wonderfalls to make it to DVD. Supposedly a story arc was being kicked off with the next ep and concluding with the final episode. Tim, fearing the series was going to be short lived *how true), shot the thirteen episodes as a self contained story. And he *had* to tell listeners how amazing the final shot of the series was going to be. Sigh. Why did he have to peak my interest?!

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