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Possibly Spoilery Info on Angel and Alias Courtesy of Sci-Fi Magazine

Several people on my friends list have speculated that the Buffy storyline in Ep 20 may be a diversion. That Angel and Spike may be being lead away from W&H and events going on in LA. Whoever theorized that may very well be correct because Jeff's comments about Ep 20 don't even address Buffy...

Episode 20 has our heroes looking around to see who is on their side. "Do we have allies out there at all? Is anyone out there who believes that Angel and company are still that good guys? We saw earlier in this season that Andrew and the Slayers said 'Buffy doesn't trust you anymore'. And we were broken into by these wierd cyborg robots who it seems are actually good guys. So do we have any allies out there? And we don't [laughs]. We're all alone"

Huh. From what I know of Ep 20, had it not been stated, I wouldn't have know that he was talking about the same episode. Either the spoilage has been misleading - focusing on the wrong details - or there have been rewrites since word of the cancellation.

As for the final two eps, Jeff mentions (thankfully) what many of the fans have been contemplating:

"We've asked ourselves the question 'Can a bunch of outsiders who are fighting evil go into the belly of the beast and change it from the inside without being changed ourselves?' And that's one of the things we are trying to get to. Another issue we've got is this whole prophecy thing. Does it mean anything? What does it mean to Angel, to Spike? Will Spike and Angel ever kiss [laughs]?"

Enjoy the last part slashers. ;)

I'm glad to read they are (supposedly) addressing all our questions. Sounds like it will be a good and satisfying wrap up. And if James gets cast as Harry/Erik Dresden, I'm not lamenting in the least it's the end of the line.

From Alias producer Jesse Alexander regarding the last three eps:

"When Vaughn learns what's going on and what's happening with Lauren...what that does to him, it's really going to throw him for a loop.....the revelation of who Lauren really is opens that door for him getting back together with Sydney, that revelation also means that Vaughn is going to be a slightly different person than he was before. He's going to be more complicated. He's going to have to have a bit more of a darker side to him that will hopefully reinvigorate the Sydney/Vaughn relationship going into next season."

Dark!Vaughn! Reinvigorating the relationship! Woo Hoo! Now if they'd only kill Lauren off....
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