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The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour.....Just Kidding ;)

The Trust. Oh, terrific, we have *another* super secret organization. Geesh. No wonder no one has succeeded in taking over the world. They are too damn busy forming committees!

writteninstars and I disagree on Goth!Vaughn. She thinks he looked hot. I think she's insane. :p Too much eyeliner and too many piercings for my simple tastes. :)

Speaking of Vaughn, I'm glad he *finally* figured out (the husband apparently is always the last to know) what Lauren has been up too. But, I wish he had done so before ripping Jack a new one. Someone is going to be eating crow...

I thought it was very odd that Vaughn and Lauren seemed to just forget about the fact that he announced he was leaving her a couple weeks ago. I understand not wanting to walk out immediately after hearing of her father's death, but pretending like everything is peachy with a side of keen???

Memo to Marshall, if you want to be taken seriously in the hacker underground, get a better alias. :p

Did anyone else recognize Cyrus from Space: Above and Beyond? Did anyone but me watch that show?

Best Jen moment of the night: Her 'Oh, Puh-leeze' look behind Vaughn's back at Lauren's sudden appearance in Germany. :)

So, are Sark and Lauren head of The Covenant now? It was sweet in a psychotic sort of way how Sark looked out for his girlfriend.

Between pre-emptions, repeats, and the fact the writers keep throwing another twist at us, I'm very confused in regards to the main plot. Peace = Irina. Syd's The Passenger, no, now it might be Irina. But, Syd is to destroy The Passenger. Is The Passenger is a good thing or a bad thing? And what of the original Rambaldi text, the drawing of Syd, and the prophecy of her bringing about some sort of apocalypse? If she kills The Passenger is she fulfilling Rambaldi's prophecy yet destroying what Rambaldi strove to create? OK, my head hurts....
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