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Bizarro Tuesday

Bravo aired the unaired pilot for Queer Eye tonight. Ted and Carson were the only two hold overs. I can see why. Thom and Jai's predecessors were borrr-rrring. And Scott was a not hot, annoying version of Kyan. And what was with the blonde playboy playmate wannabe? I'm certainly glad they dropped that idea quickly.

And I just read on desuete's LJ that James Marsters will be appearing on The Ryan Seacrest Show Thursday to donate to charity....his hair. Yep, he's apparently going to shave it off on the show. I'm hoping we are talking close cropped instead of bald. Guess that's one way to get the old haircolor back and remove the last vestiges of Spike. Yes folks, the show is over, no more Spike, and James is *finally* moving on as is everyone else. As you can tell, I'm not overly sentimental about the show ending. Having lived through The X-Files debacle, I say, leave while you are on top.

To caille who frets I'm becoming disillusioned with BtvS, never fear! As a was reading a review of the UK release of the season 7 DVD's I became very annoyed with a few of the reviewers observations. One point they made even got me thinking and theorizing and....I'll post about it this weekend when I have more time. ;)

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