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Am I The Only One Who Hates Thinking Up Subject Lines?

I think the last episode was stronger all around than this weeks. Still, the chracter moments and insights, for me, made up for a lack of interest in the main story. The latter I blame on choosing to deal with a very topical and important issue and failing to fully explain why Mike was doing what he was doing. Why did *he* turn into a killer out of all that were in his unit?

What I did enjoy was a further exploration of the family dynamic. Originally I thought it was Holly that instigated the divorce. Now, I'm not so sure. She seems to want him there at, as Creegan refers to it, "home". Sure, I know much of it is for the children, but it seems like there is more to it than that. Creegan has a lot of fears as to what his profession and the consequences of his injury may do to his children. I think the opening scene was an indication of that. He didn't consider his daughter would immitate him and then was confronted with the worst case scenerio of that.

The Jack-in-the-box scene was heartbreaking for me. My take was that it shows he's lost touch with his children. The last time they were really a family the kids would have been a baby and toddler. They would have enjoyed a toy like that. He's blinded to the fact they've grown up (this could also be tied into his talk with Branca about not being able to see everything - having a wall up between his past life and current life).

Did anyone else have an X-Files moment during the scene in the car and specifically Creegan's line "You see, partner. I need you"? It reminded me of the scene between Mulder and Scully in 'Tooms' (one of the early bonding moments imo). I'll never forget their interaction...Mulder: "If there is an ice tea in that bag, it could be love." Scully: "It must be fate Mulder, root beer." Sigh.

My other favorite moment - Creegan to Rivers: "You're right. It's Stupid." :) (And note to Bradley Cooper - burn those hideous sunglasses.)

I'm sure I have more to say, but I've already spent two hours reading and replying to LJ. I need a break from this computer moniter. Plus, how much do I want to start analyzing yet another show?

Geez. I'm watching 'Teacher's Pet' right now. David was really thin back then. I think that's about all I have to say about that ep. :p
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I have to say this episode sucked.

It is a butchered remake of the two part story "War Relief" that was the middle story of the second season of the UK original. They watered down the plot too much and changed it so much to the point of wondering why did they do it. I liked Rivers in the original UK series and I am left wanting here.

The only character they seem to be developing the most is Creegan at the expense of not really developing anyone else at the moment. There was loads of character development for Rivers and Susan in the UK original. I wish the Touching Evil episodes would be two parters instead or do their own stories that aren't remakes of the UK series if they put out crap like this week's episode.

They missed a wonderful subplot with the episode two weeks ago that was in the UK original.

Here is some info on the UK original:

Next week's episode looks to be a remake of the fifth and sixth episode of season one of the UK series.
So, Rivers was in the original series. I heard Bradley Cooper had signed to at least six episodes. I'm hoping that they do develop his character more in future episodes.

It is curious that they are choosing to convert two part episodes into stand alone stories. Unfortunately, in this country, shows are told to keep stories confined to one episode unless it's a successful, long running show. The 'logic' behind that is if a new viewer were to turn into part 2 of a story and become confused they'd never watch again. Should the show take off, maybe they'll have the luxury of multi episode story arcs or original stories.
I'mvaguely considering starting to download Touching Evil. I need something else to watch now Angel and Wonderfalls, and Survivor, while fun, is not going to fill that gap...

And I hate thinking up subject lines too ;)
Well, I'd highly recommend downloading the show. ;) I'm not sure it could ever become as addictive as Buffy or Angel (no Spike and it lacks layers), but it's entertaining with complex characters - more along the lines of Alias. Plus, we need something to discuss! :)
Am I The Only One Who Hates Thinking Up Subject Lines?

No, I do too...