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At Last, Drama!

Tonights episode had my attention from beginning to end. HEre are some of the highlights for me:

The fact that they were able to tie together a Hell of a lot of loose ends. All the stuff with Sloane, Rambaldi, 'Peace', and his agency? It actually made sense to me.

For a moment I thought maybe Sloane really was going to die. I should have known Jack had a Plan B going. During their earlier sit down I found it odd that Jack was threatening to make Slaone's daughter as misearble as Sloane had made Jack's. Yes, Jack has a dark streak, but I don't see him getting revenge on *his* daughter's sister. Nice way to torture Slaone though on the way to his death. ;)

I really enjoyed seeing Stark get his ass kicked by David Carridine. :) You have much to learn yet my young padawan. (I use the Star Wars refernece because I'm sure I'm not the only one who envisioned Yoda's parting words to Luke in Jedi as DC died in Syd's arms. Not to mention chasing down the truck on horseback was sooo Raiders. :p)

Michael Vartan really had some good material tonight. The boy is definitely going to be messed up after all this (and I just don't mean physically. BTW, the torture scene next week? Another movie rip-off - Lethal Weapon).

While it was hard for my shipper heart to watch the Vaughn/Lauren interaction, I think dramatically it was great. Granted, she's his wife, but I've always felt the show has soft peddled what an agent may have to do in the line of duty.

Dixon didn't have a lot of screen time, but, wow, praying for the soul of the man who murdered your wife? I don't know many people who would have that kind of dignity and forgiveness.

Jack cracked me up when he turned to Marshall to inform him that his important role in the plan was - to act 'normal'. :)

If I had one complaint and it's a tiny one - more Weiss. All and all I have high hopes for the rest of the season.

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