Asta 2

Is it Tuesday Yet?

To begin with I didn't get to bed until 2:00 am last night/this morning. After a lovely phone conversation with Writteninstars and Reckleslinguist, I realized I wasn't very tired so preceeded to surf the net until I was.

I knew I'd be tired this morning, but as not expecting to wake up with a splitting headache. That actually turned out to be a good thing. I rolled over to see what time it was and noticed my clock was dark. Not good. Then I turned over again to reach for my watch - 7:35. Uh-Huh. Seems those 50 mile per hour winds did finally succeed in knocking out power. :(

Miraculously I only arrived 15 minutes later than usual to work. Even more miraculous is I look OK. No hairdryer to style my hair this morning and I was putting my makeup on at my computer room window with only a compact and overcast lighting to guide me. When I checked myself in the mirror at work I mercifully noticed I did not resemble Joan Crawford.

As for some good news - all you Christian Kane fans (yes, I'm talking to the two of you :p), just a reminder he is on Las Vegas tonight. All I know is he plays Bob and has amnesia. Hopefully, Bob must take off his shirt at some point. If Josh happens to be in the room with him - bonus! :)

Oh, and for you icon whores like myself, _jems_ did a slew of new ones last night across fandom lines. Including Touching Evil! Now go take her icons and start watching the show if you're not already. Because, if it gets cancelled, I'll be very cranky and take it out on all of YOU.
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*grasps your hand in no-alarm solidarity*

Seven minutes. I went from leaping from bed to out the door in seven minutes. I never, ever want to do that again.

I need phone numbers. I never call people and I should start.
I saw your post earlier and nodded my head in solidarity. I admire you being able to get ready in seven minutes. I think it took me that long to figure out how best to try and do my hair and makeup.

About a week or so I noticed you requested addresses. I meant to do that and never got around to it. Bad Asta. I shall rectify that.

I've had to work more at calling people. I'm not as good about it as I probably could be. Then again, I use to be very paranoid about talkig to people on the phone. At least I'm over that.
Hair I pulled a brush through and then yanked it back with a scrunchie (hides face) and makeup, I did in the car at stop lights. Yes, I have become That Woman. *sigh*

Don't worry, NO ONE has sent me their address... LOL... Here I thought it was me...
Hey, thanks for the rec, and yes, people need to start watching this show so I'll have something to see next year. Though with Bruce Willis as a producer I think it'll be given more of a chance than most shows. And I'm okay with that. =)
Yeah, I have to agree, I think Bruce's name in the credits certainly helps. At the very least, I'm sure USA will show all 11 or 12 episodes they have filmed. Pairing it up with 'The Dead Zone' may be a cool way of attracting more viewers as well.
Joan Crawford? Hey - what's not to love?

*giggles while hiding all the wire coathangers*