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No, really, I didn't forget. I was very busy at work today and had very little time on the net. But, looking at the clock I still have time to wish myriad69 a.....

Happy Birthday!!!!!

And look - I mastered size and color for the occasion! I hope you had a beautiful, fun filled, present filled day with lots and lots of cake. :)

Keeping with tradition...Marissa must die.

Was it just me, or did Ryan look kinda hot dressed all in black?

And, look, when he's with Theresa he actually is somewhat interesting!

I'm glad Theresa is back. The domestic abuse storyline came out of nowhere though. I wish they had found a better way to get her into the guest house.

Um, so let me get this straight, the Cohen's have that huge house, but Ryan has to share a room with Seth and sleep on an air mattress?!

We've never met Summer's dad before (or maybe we have - I've missed some eps), but he's her "best friend" and because of that she's now rethinking her relationship with Seth who, out of nervousness, was a bit of a dork? Uh-Huh.

One last thing - American Idol sucks.
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