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Ummm, Here's Some Fandom Stuff

Hey, look, I did another meme! courtesy of dkellergrl

1. What type of fannish interaction do you prefer: conventions, smaller in-person gatherings, mailing lists, newsgroups, blogs/journals, IRC?

None of the above? Just kiddin'. ;) My first fandom experience was message boards. That did not end well. ;p Still, I met a lot of terrific people and one of my bestest friends through the board. :) Though I now tend to stick to smaller groups, my fandom experiences are actually much broader. LJ is my main source of discussion and news regarding all my vices (primarily still Buffy). But, I often chat or IM about my shows and will be attending my second Con this year.

2. Are you always upset when your show gets canceled or have you ever been (not so) secretly relieved?

Bit of both. The only cancellation that has ever sucker punched me was Farscape. After all, at the end of the third season, the show had been renewed for *two* more seasons and was Sci-Fi's most popular show at the time. When I read about the cancellation on LJ, I thought it was a bad joke.

Firelfy's demise didn't hit me hard at the time, but watching it again - complete, in order, and without pre-emptions - I saw what a travesty FOX's decision was.

As much as I still enjoyed the final two seasons of Buffy, I also will admit the brilliance and quality was on the decline. I'm glad it ended when it did. Same with Angel. Better to go out on a high note then limp to an unsatisfying conclusion. Which brings me to...

The X-Files which went on far too long. Note to Chris Carter: when the hero and the focus of the show (wisely) bails, pull the plug. Did anyone care by the time it did end three years too late?

3. Do you find icons an integral part of lj'ing or would you be just as happy with one icon as with fifty?

Hell yes they are integral! I love my pretties. If I could have a hundred I would.

4. Do you prefer to read fanfic in zines or online?

There are zines??? Online. Or printed out from online.

5. Do you consider yourself FIAWOL* (fandom is a way of life) or FIJAGDH* (fandom is just a goddamn hobby)?

Hmmm, that is a tough one. Honestly, it's become more than a hobby. My fandoms have become a large part of my life because they have given me so much (including all you reading this :). But, I hesitate calling it a 'way of life'. I can go days without watching Buffy or Alias or any of my shows or rehashing them in my brain or obsessing over them with others. They are just TV shows to me. It's the socialization outlets that they have provided me that are far more important.

OK, this was definitely the weakest ep plot wise thus far. Damn if they didn't seem to waste such an intriguing premise. The opening scene of the attack on the horse horrified me. But, I wanted more of an explanation/resolution then kids whacked out of drugs.

What did I like? As always, the scenes between Creegan and Branca. I *adored* the scene in the park. Did anyone else get a Mulder/Scully vibe? Maybe it was the umbrella. ;) Or the way he just took it from her without being asked when she went to answer her cellphone. Should I even get into the lusty thoughts that crossed my mind when Cregan said "Do you just like to watch or do you wanna join in?" :p

The exploration of the other relationships in Creegan's life also continue to fascinate me. Cyril considers himself Creegan's friend but has to inform Branca that she is as well?

And the end of Creegan's marriage apparently was his decision. I don't know who I hurt for more - he or his ex - when he matter of factly stated he just doesn't love her anymore. Or that it seems he has had to learn to love his own children. :(

His confession to Branca that he suffers from seizures is also interesting. Not only does it show he trusts her more than anyone else, but I have to believe that the seizures will become an issue down the road.

There's tons more I want to talk about. Usually I have nothing to say and now I have enough to fill about five posts. Considering how boring I know my weekend shall be, I'll save some stuff for later.
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Apparently, though for what fandom I do not know. Would be kinda cool if there was one for Buffy. Maybe a monthly or bi-monthly magazine devoted to the best in fanfic. I'd buy it!
Hmm. The reason I'm so amazed is cos I looked into it about a year ago and found that (unless you charged absolutely nothing for it and received no wage and made no profit whatsoever) it would be completely illegal to produce one due to copyright law. I work for a design agency and currently produce about 4 or 5 different fanzines so it would have been very doable at a pretty low cost.


Maybe if you just distributed it amongst fans on the net who shared the cost of it via paypal?
And the finale! Good and bad. I'm just excited that they're doing another movie with both Gillian and David. Wah-hoo! Back to basics, I hope.

My feelings after the X-Files finale were basically 'Well, it could have been worse'. I think the one thing I really liked (other than having Mulder back - bless David for agreeing to return) was the final shot of Mulder and Scully and it echoing the scene in the Pilot of them in the motel together. The difference being the two now snuggled up in bed together. Would I have liked to have seen more between them? Yes. But, it was enough not to make me want to pull my hair out.

Giving William up for adoption is another story. :(

The movie sounds as if it's going to be a stand alone story not dealing with the mythology. Thank God. Now that some time has passed it will be nice to see what they have in mind.