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Oh How I Missed My Plot Twists

Sure, they may have ripped off the torture sequence from Lethal Weapon, but who am I to argue with any way to get Vaughn out of his clothes? ;)

And give the guy credit, not only does he resist the torture, not only does he figure out that he was allowed to escape, amidst all this he can crack a joke about Sark looking as if he finally reached puberty. :)

I just about gaged when Lauren confessed that her feelings for Vaughn were geniune and that their marriage was the one thing that was real to her. Thank God that was just another part of her act. Keep her evil and, maybe if we are lucky, it will get her killed.

I know we only got a brief introduction to her, but I like Nadia already. Hell, seeing Syd and Nadia fight side by side like that was pretty damn cool. I'm crossing my fingers that she is one of the good guys. And even though she works for the Argentinian government, how much does she know about herself? Did Irina tell her as a child? Did the followers of Rambaldi fill her in?

Speaking of Rambaldi...Vaughn's father was a follower? Did not see that one coming. Makes me wonder if Vaughn was destined to meet up with Syd and become involved in this mess.

Once again, I have no clue as to what side Sloane is on or what he is up to. Obviously he has his own agenda and is playing everyone against each other to his benefit. I actually still believe he cares for his daughter. He did mention that if The Covenent got a hold of her they would have pumped her full of that green serum until it permenantly damaged her psyche. He, on the other hand, is giving her a relatively small dose to get what he needs.

How much did I love Jack tonight? It made sense that he confirmed Syd is his daughter (Woo Hoo! to that little fact), but it really made no difference - she was *his* daughter regardless. And the smile. It's such a tiny gesture, but it's huge for Jack who rarely shows his emotions.

Hey, they finally gave Weiss something to do and....he blows it.

This was the second week in a row that the show had my attention from beginning to end. It has some great momentum going. Now I'm sad we only have two episodes left in the season. :(

As I got online this evening I checked the box office totals for the weekend. 13 going on 30 made 22 million!!! It finished in second place *just* behind Man of Fire which took in 23 million. Jen is not only a TV star, she's now a movie star. I'm so happy for her. :)

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