The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

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Not Bad

I was fearing the worst, but James still looks pretty darn good. Of course, it helps that they didn't shave it all off.

Other Bits of Interest:

Now being offered parts besides those for "rockstars, vampires, and drug addicts" - it makes me happy to hear he's persuing offers.

Four words spoken to Ryan Seascrest that thrilled me: "Spike is not dead."

Four words spoken to Ryan Seacrest that deeply disturbed me: "Do me" and "Wack it". ::shudders::

And he mentioned all of us! Well, the fans who talk on the internet and got the word about the auction out. It raised $25,000 btw. Heck, I could have gotten a front row seat at the Oakland Con for that! :p

ETA: desuete has screencaps up for the big shave if anyone missed it. :)
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