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Charisma'a Playboy Spread

So, not having much experience looking at Playboy I'm trying to figure out if the pictures are always that cheesy? Granted, Charisma's got a great body, but I didn't find the pictures remotely erotic. Hell, they had her pose on a white fur rug. How much of a cliche is that?

In sadder news, apparently Nick Brendon announced at the Cleveland Vulkon Con and on his website that he is undergoing treatment for alcoholism. I applaud his decision to get help. But, part of me wonders if this may have had something to do with Xander taking a backseat during the final season of Buffy. It's just wild speculation on my part and I don't know how long he's had a problem. It's just very rare when an actors drinking or drug use doesn't end up affecting their work in some way.

I actually watched American Idol this evening. Why, I don't know. None of the performances were stellar in my opinion. And, yes, John Stevens gave another bad performance. Simon was right though, how many sixteen year olds would exhibit so much grace and maturity under fire? I applaud John for that. But, for the love of God, let him go people, let him go.
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