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Charisma'a Playboy Spread

So, not having much experience looking at Playboy I'm trying to figure out if the pictures are always that cheesy? Granted, Charisma's got a great body, but I didn't find the pictures remotely erotic. Hell, they had her pose on a white fur rug. How much of a cliche is that?

In sadder news, apparently Nick Brendon announced at the Cleveland Vulkon Con and on his website that he is undergoing treatment for alcoholism. I applaud his decision to get help. But, part of me wonders if this may have had something to do with Xander taking a backseat during the final season of Buffy. It's just wild speculation on my part and I don't know how long he's had a problem. It's just very rare when an actors drinking or drug use doesn't end up affecting their work in some way.

I actually watched American Idol this evening. Why, I don't know. None of the performances were stellar in my opinion. And, yes, John Stevens gave another bad performance. Simon was right though, how many sixteen year olds would exhibit so much grace and maturity under fire? I applaud John for that. But, for the love of God, let him go people, let him go.
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Yeah, I found them dull as heck. I was really looking forward to them, too. Was that the best they could come up with? Yeesh!

Now we'll just have to wait for Allyson to pose nude, I guess. ::waits patiently::

And holy cow about NB! Suddenly his spending the entire evening at that Con in the bar makes a lot more sense.
I thought the cover shot of Charisma was probably the most enticing and I think that was because it left soemthing to the imagination. The rest I found to be quite boring.

Suddenly his spending the entire evening at that Con in the bar makes a lot more sense.

Myself and some others were dicussing that in chat last night. I honestly thought at the time I first read about that that it was quite odd. I've read my fair share of Con reports and that doesn't sound like typical behavior. I don't expect to find David or Christian hanging out at the bar next month. It just doesn't seem like a wise idea for celebrities. For a long time I've suspected Andy Hallet has a drinking problem - every Con he's been at he's been drunk or hung over.
Wow, I'm really surprised about NB. He always struck me as a very stable guy. But at least he is getting help, and I admire the fact that he is being very upfront about it.

I'm very ehh on the CC playboy shots too. There's no mystery involved in shots like that. Charisma has a fantastic body, but I think Playboy have run out of ideas if they have to resort to the white fur rug thing ;)
but I think Playboy have run out of ideas if they have to resort to the white fur rug thing ;)

I actually burst out laughing when I saw that shot. Granted, I'm not their target audiance, but I still don't think that was their intended reaction.
I saw a few of the pix. Very ho-hum. I want my naked gorgeous women to look languid and sultry. Poor CC looked kind of uncomfortable, like the posing was awkward.

You know what Charisma needs for a really good photo shoot, don't you? And you know it can be arranged, because...

lovebytez and nautibitz are moving to L.A.!

Love has a bit of a knack with a camera (:::pause to choke on the understatement:::) and nauti is good at lots of stuff, including looking red-headedly hot next to dark-haired girls.

Time for a petition?
Nauti is moving to LA! You must meet her on my behalf. :) She and Love could have done a far superior job with the pictures.

Even though I'm heterosexual I've seen clothed or partially clothed pics of actresses before and found them to be very hot. Sultry is an excellent word. Maybe it's because thses types of pics leave something to the imagination. Charisma showed almost everything and I found the pics yawn inducing. How these are suppose to help her career I have no idea.
Well, given my brothers and I have a, um, similar taste in actresses, I've seen quite a few Playboy shoots. And, yeah, they all tend to be pretty cheesy, I guess. I think it's a male thing. Most blokes seem to have fairly simple tastes, and I doubt too many consider the artistic merit when there are naked boobies on show. Another field were women could make a marked difference to quality ;)
Another field were women could make a marked difference to quality ;)

Her standing their nude using a flame thrower on that rug would have been a marked difference in quality. ;)
Most Playboy photos look very cheesy, like the girl is "Hi, how are you? I just happen to be naked!" They're...perky.

In Playgirl photos, the men are always showering. They're nude, yet clean :D

That's awful about Nick. I hope he gets the help he needs.
From the little bit of info I read about Nick, it sounds as if he had his counselor with him at the Convention. Apparently he is in the middle of his treatment program.
Yes, he did, the guy was sitting in the audience...Nick said he has about 1 and a half weeks to go in his rehab. By the way, a friend who was at the Nashville Vulkon last Halloween said he showed up late to the banquet at that con, drunk and making a scene...the Vulkon folks were pretty pissed off and he had to apologize so they would let him do cons again! Wow.
Wow. I had not heard about the Nashville Con. I did have people on my Flist who were at the Con in New Jersey a few weeks ago and they spent a large portion of the evening with him in the bar where he was downing one drink after another. The Con organizers had to come collect him to make his scheduled appearances. I'm certianly glad he decided to get help.
I'd heard earlier that there was some sort of problem in Nashville, but didn't know the details till now...anyway, it sounds like he is really serious about recovery, and it was brave of him to be so honest with us.
Oh, and are Charisma's pix online somewhere?? I wanna see em!! :)
You can find them HERE. Be patient - depending on the amount of traffic the site is getting, it could take them a while to load.
Thanks! I actually like them...but then, I'm a big perv who's always fancied Charisma. ;)
Oh, that's so sad about Nick! At least he's in treatment, though. I want to see him do more acting, more Nick! More!

And yes, the Charisma pictures were a bit disappointing. I'm still going to buy that issue, though.