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So, What Was With DB's Hair??

I like Illyria, I really do, but I wanted to applaud when Angel told her to quit the speechifying. Enough already. You're a God, we're worthless, we get it. Though, anyone else think it would be interesting to discover that Illyria was one of the two Gods that gave Glory the boot? Punishing her by trapping her in a human?

Illyria rescued Gunn. Excuse me while I pat myself on the back for a moment. :)

Alexis was the standout in this episode. I don't think I have ever been more concerned for or more scared of Wes than now. Poor boy is barely holding on to his sanity. The scene in his office with Gunn was particularly chilling (especially his quasi apology to Gunn for stabbing him and the fact he's totally unaffected by his actions). I'm trying to determine if his confession to Angel - he's not in love with Ilyria, but right now he needs her - is a good thing or a bad thing. I definitely agree it's weird.

Lorne with the walkie talkie (for a supposed mover and shaker you'd think he know it's a Nextel) was a hoot. Not to mention, he had the best line of the ep..."Tell you what, I still like him better than Eve." I don't think I'm going out on a limb by saying ME was expressing the audiances feelings there. ;)

Well, I still don't think Spike was necessary to this episode, but I did recognize him as the Spike I know and love. Spike's intelligence has been overlooked for some time now. He may be impetuous, short tempered, and snarky, but he's also quite smart. I loved seeing that tonight. He wasn't just fighting Illyria he really was trying to understand her.

And the computer! Spike using the computer! I had flashbacks to 'The Initiative'. :) It was also incredibly cool that he was using it while assisting Wes. They were dealing with the problem without running to Angel for help ("We're motivated go-getters" :). I really wish they had explored the Spike/Wes dynamic more this season.

I see that a lot of people were shocked and disturbed seeing Spike dusted. It didn't phase me at all. Maybe because I knew he'd be back in a few minutes. Maybe because ME wouldn't go from giving him a hero's death to a throw away one. Either way, it had no effect on me.

On the other hand, Angel pushing Spike away in order to save his unlife? Loved it! :)

As for Angel, I know (by the overly dramatic music) we are supposed to be shocked! by Angel's decision to let the woman give up her child to the demons. Whatever. Either a) he has a plan up his sleeve or b) he has a plan up his sleeve but he has to (possibly) sacrifice her child's life for the greater good. I suppose I could be wrong. Nahhh.

I discovered today, I have been remiss. I really need to keep better track of these things. So, belatedly.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY! roquelaure

Sorry I missed your happy day. I hope it was a marvelous one. :)

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