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A Day Late and Several Paragraphs Short

I really don't know what to say about this ep. It was unsatisfying and troubling for me. This was either originally a two part episode of the British series chooped up or simply badly written. Here's a list of my many problems:

* It seemed to me that, in the teaser, they established some problems between the murdered girl and her father. Yet, these are never followed up on. Instead all we see is a grieving father who seemed to adore his daughter and inexplicably went psycho over his grief.

* While I could buy the father looking for somone to blame and Creegan being the most convenient target - how about addressing the fact had he gone with her to the train station, she'd still be alive? Instead he was throwing back beers and watching a boxing match.

* I don't think the father intended to kill Creegan's ex and children, but that was never really made clear.

* Where the hell was Branca during all this? Did the actress need some time off work? Because it made no sesne to me that while Creegan was dealing with all this crap she either a)was unaware or b)he didn't turn to her at all for support.

* Creegan sending his family away makes no sesne to me. I could understand the knee jerk reaction to trying to protect them, but never seeing them again?! This is the first time his family has been made a target, who says it will happen again?

And what about the children? *Maybe* they'll be physically safer. Yet, in doing that, they are left with the psychological scars of being abandoned by their father. Creegan's ex was just recently begging him to spend more time with the kids, it makes no sense she agreed to all this.

What did I like? I still like these characters. Even with shaky characterization and gaping plot holes right now, these people are still more fully developed and realized than much of what I see on TV.

Cyril, I adore Cyril and his friendship with Creegan - two broken people clinging to each other. And I loved Cyril's remark to Creegan that when he talks as he so often does, the pills really don't work. ;)

I hate feeling negative about this show because I so enjoyed the previous episodes and am looking forward to where it goes. Hopefully this is just a bump in the road. Even Buffy had those.
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I'm losing the TE love, myself. The stories aren't that great, and the characters, while interesting, aren't connecting with my hugely.

Creegan is becoming more irritating than interesting. This is the same problem I had with Monk. I don't see him growing or changing. Admittedly, this might happen later.

Branagh had the one good story with the reporter (and that's still the best crying I've ever seen), but now, they've pulled completely back from her.
Either characters connect with you or don't. I know you adore 'Cold Case' and because of your praise I've wathced it twice. I just can't get into it at all. Doesn't mean it's bad, actually I think it's exceedingly well made, it just doesn't draw me in.

Same with 'Joan of Arcadia'. People say how wonderful it is and I have no interest in watching.

Least we all have the Buffy love to share. :)
Huh, I thought the father's reaction was his defense mechanism kicking in, as in: "it can't be my fault (even though I refused to take her to the train station and would have stayed until she was safely on the train) so I must take it out on the first inconsistency I find, i.e. Creegan lying to me".

Granted, I feel it was way too abrupt for Creegan to send them away like that (though I thought the wife looked like she'd finally had enough of his job messing up their/her life), but he has expressed concern for the toll the job is taking on his family throughout the entire run of the series.

I got the feeling that the creators wanted to take the family out of the equation in order to bring Braca and Creegan, as well as Cyril and Creegan closer together. And I'm all for that. The bitter ex-wife just isn't fun on any show.
I got the feeling that the creators wanted to take the family out of the equation in order to bring Braca and Creegan, as well as Cyril and Creegan closer together. And I'm all for that.

I'm all for that as well. There did seem to be one to many relationships in Creegan's life on a weekly basis and, as written right now, the one with his ex was the least interesting.

And I don't have a problem shipping the wife and kiddies off to Virginia, I just don't buy him cutting himself off from them completely. He could still call them and visit them form time to time and that can be done off camera. They did leave some room for him to change his mind - his boss even stated that he would.

You know why I think this plot development bothers me so much? It reminds me of Scully's decision to put baby WIlliam up for adoption on 'The X-Files'. I never bought the whole 'it was for the best' scenerio. It still ticks me off.

I also agree that the father's defense mechanism was to blame Creegan. But, I would have liked to see tha father except some culpability in the end. Or at least address why his relationship with his daughter seemed so strained in the beginning.
I have been thinking of writing an article on the US version of TE and how it compares to the UK version (and what elements were transferred over to the US episodes).

This week's episode was a little botched. The beginning of the episode was ripped directly from the first episode of UK season 2. The rest of the episode was from one of the plotlines in the last two episodes of season 2. UK series spoilers follow-

The UK series had Rivers screwing up when he had a shot to get the guy who kidnapped the father's daughter. Creegan thinks he can talk the guy out of killing her, but she ends up dead anyway. The father blamed Creegan for that in the UK series and it all came to a head after a few weeks or months in the last story of season 2 where Creegan had some loss (but you do have to watch the UK original because I'm not spoiling it further). All 3 seasons are out on VHS, season 3 on DVD and season one coming to DVD in June.

More thoughts on TOUCING EVIL:

Not happy about the timeslot switch to Monday.
I appreciate the information. Not only does the orginal concept make more sense, it is a far better storyline. I wish they would either stick to copying the original storylines or begin writing original stories. I hate hatchet jobs and I that they feel the need to 'dumb down' the show for U.S. audiances.