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...she needs to let DarkVaughn be. MV had my attention when he came up out of the water in the wetsuit firing his weapon ;) (yeah, I know it was very James Bondesque). But, my love only deepened when he poured that acid. I really thought the writers were going to cop out on that, surprisingly, they didn't.

I really love this turn of character. Not only is this Vaughn more fascinating to watch, it gives MV something to sink his acting teeth into. The man can seeth well.

While I understand that Syd is concerned about Vaughn's actions and how it means as to his current state of mind, her lecturing annoyed me. Sweetie, your betrayal by Sloane doesn't compare. Jack's betrayal by Irina does. Seeing what Jack went through and how it's affected his decision making, I would think she'd be more understanding.

Ironically, in pressing him to deal with the situation (and dangling the possibility of rekindling their relationship), she's unwitingly pushed him further into darkness - taking Jack's advice to eliminate Lauren. Personally, I hope he does do just that. First, to see how he will deal with taking such action next season. Secondly, so *we* can be rid of Lauren. :)

I'm more convinced than ever that Lauren was ill conceived and miscast. Nadia has given me proof of this. After only two appearances, I love Nadia and I think the actress is largely responsible for this. Whether begging Sloane to stop or recounting her deeds as a child to prevent her adoption, she broke my heart.

Yet, even with everything Sloane put her through, even though he is a disappointment to her, she defends him in the end. I get this. It is clear that Sloane did not want her permenantly damaged or, worse yet, killed. And doesn't evrey child want to think the best of their parent? She may be grasping at straws, but she is holding on to hope he's not the villian he appeared at first to be.

Other things I enjoyed about the episode:

* Vivica Fox. So far, she's had two relatively brief appearances, but I like her character. Given her character's talents, I could see her making future appearances. And how cute was Marshall's reaction to her job offer?

* Jack getting some action. I still wish we had Irina back, but I like Katya and the two of them have some nice chemistry.

* Maybe it was just me, but when Sloane went to put the IV in Nadia's arm, Sark looked a bit pained by what was about to happen. Could he possibly have some regrets about what he is doing?

Three very good episodes in a row. makes me a bit sad we only have one left this season. It makes me mad we have to wait three bloody weeks for it!

Well, I've almost reached my goal of watching all my Buffy Season 5 DVDs before I'm off to Chicago. With Season 6 coming out this month, I figured I best finish up watching the previous season. Actually, I'm glad I waited because I really want season 5 fresh in my mind when I watch season 6. I've always felt that season 6 was a continuation of many themes established in season 5. Rewatching the episodes, I'm convinced of that even more. There are many things I didn't pick up on the first time around that I'm picking up on now. Expect many long winded posts in the future. :)

I also need to find time to update any of you who give a rat's ass ;) about my work situation. So far, things seem to be going OK with the new co-boss. At least he seems to like me and vice versa. I sense a lot of changes (probably for the better) coming down the road. I think I'll need a raise.

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