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While I'm Waiting for Hugh to Appear....

Uh, no, I'm not delusional - he's on The Tonight Show. :p But since I have no interest in hearing Leno's lame monologue, I figured I post.

So far, so good with my future boss. Bill seems like a genuinely nice guy who *gasps* wants to learn about us, our jobs, and what he can do to improve things. Already I know he's not just blowing hot air.

The first task he was given was to streamline the firm's overly complicated credit card system. Right now, the firm uses four different cards - I've been pushing to get it down to two for months (and hopefully get that two down to one in the future).

Curt, having done nothing about the situation, passed it off to Bill. I'm not sure what the hell Curt said about me, but it was enough to convince Bill I should be given more responsibility. So, eventually, I shall be in charge of the accounts with full access to them instead of just issuing payments as I do now.

Bill I quickly came to discover is the antithesis of Curt when it comes to getting stuff done. Give him a project and he runs with it. This entailed setting up a meeting immediately with our rep at Fifth Third Bank to consolidate our accounts and update are method of dealing with them. This was an informative and enlightening experience. I had never been included in a meeting before and learned a lot (not to mention coming away with an armload of free stuff :).

After the meeting, I realized that Bill would be instigating (or at least trying to) many changes for the better. This is not going to go over well with some people in my department, especially Kathy, who is extremely set in her ways. For instance, she still reconciles are bank statements, manually, on legal pads. When I ratted her out, I mean, informed Bill of her methods, he was shocked. See, Curt always allowed the status quo to be maintained as long as everything got done - didn't matter how to him or that it took two or three times as long as it could.

I'm also pushing for more cross training. TC and I are sick of being left in the dark as to how to do many relatively simple tasks in our accounting system. Our theory is that the others want to keep us ignorant. One, it gives them a feeling of superiority over us. And, two, they are threatened by us - the more knowledge we have, the more we can do, and possibly (most likely) do it better than them.

All in all I'm optimistic about what wil be happening in the future. At the same time, I'm now thinking if this is what I want to be doing the rest of my life. Not to sound like an egomaniac, but I am good at my job and am well liked at the firm. Do I still want to be there in ten, fifteen, twenty years???

If you aren't already doing it, I strongly suggest you Spuffy lovers out there read fer1213's wonderful 'When We Fight'. She's currently posting updates for this particular story on her LJ, but I'm thrilled to report she's finally opened her own site - When In Rome - and I look forward to catching up on some of other works.

And from the 'I think I finally get what the hell Nick Brendon is talking about' file....for those of you who don't know, he *still* is insisting that Buffy and Xander were to hook up romantically (gag) during the final season of Buffy.

I've always maintained he's delusional. ;) But, listening to Jane Espenson's commentary for 'I Was Made to Love You', during a scene between Buffy and Xander, she addresses this point. (And, on a side note, may I say that Jane 'gets' the show better than anyone - even Joss. Then again, maybe I just agree with every word out of her mouth because she agrees with my every take on ths show and characters. :) When the series began, the original intent was for Buffy and Xander to eventually end up together. That very well may have been the case had not Angel, then Spike, been added as regulars and love interests. Chemistry will win out over design every time, sorry Nick.

And on a parting note, Hugh looks gorgeous tonight. Yeah, I know, when doesn't he? :)
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