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Why Can't I Do Short Posts Like Other People?

OK, I've turned into one of those people that obsesses about replying to comments. If you all take the time to read my rather lengthy posts about Angel and comment I feel guilty if I'm delayed in following up. But, having found time between Hugh Jackman viewings, I finally managed to rectify the situation. :)

Usually I mange to peruse LJ during work ;), but only working a half day today I actually tried focusing on the work. Not that I didn't have my share of distractions. Believe it or not, I submitted a piece of art work to a local art show today. Someone at work has been on me to get my ass in gear and complete a piece for the show (sadly, I needed the pressure). It's not my best work, but I definitely wasn't embarrassed by it. At least I took the first step in doing something with my talent. Now I must wait to see if it's accepted and then wait again to see if it wins anything. The money would be nice, but it's more likely that the photographs and landscape watercolors will win instead of my, um, I'm not sure what to call it. :p

Anywho, the guy who remained steadfast in pressuring me as well as our summer intern who seems to be spending a lot of time at my desk (but that's another story) insisted on seeing it before I submitted it. So, I had to sit and listen to their praise which took up a considerable amount of time. ;-)

The reason for the afternoon off was to see Van Helsing. I stopped home to change (due to a heating problem at work the temp rose to 86 degrees), get a quick bite to eat and rehydrate, and managed to be there to receive delivery of the shoes and clothes I ordered to take on my trip next week. They actually showed up in time! And fit! I'm a bit iffy on a dress I ordered from Victoria's Secret, but I'm going to take a couple days to think about it. On the bright side, the red sweater I ordered (and needed) looked very cute on me. :)

Now, for my movie review....thumbs up! Not to say to was the! I had some issues as I usually do. ;) My main gripe was that all the actors seemed to have a different take on what the movie was supposed to be. Dracula and his brides played it as camp. The friar was straight comic relief. And Hugh was taking it all seriously. I blame the director for not getting his actors on the same page - he could have made it a great movie instead of just a good one.

What did I like? Hugh, of course, who is always fabulous. The man can take the weakest script in the world and raise it several levels. The effects, which come off a bit cheesy in TV ads, look much better on the big screen. The sets had me in awe - especially the masquerade ball. And I really enjoyed the opening sequence - an excellent homage to the horror films of the past. Also, considering they threw just about every horror creation at us all at once, they actually managed to tie it all together with a very neat twist that I won't reveal. ;)

After the movie, we went to Panera to eat. Before we left, I bought a chocolate croissant to take with me. I've had several friends rave about it and decided I finally must try it for myself. So, I did A pastry shell filled with chocolate chips. Woo and Hoo. Hardly exciting and only average in taste. I'll stick to their chocolate chip cookies which I love.

This evening consisted of several lengthy conversations with Mom talking about Hugh (we both watched his appearances on Dateline and Bob Costas - mark my words, he *will* be the next James Bond :) and catching up on LJ and e-mail.

The wonderful reckleslinguist sent me a link to an interview with Christian Kane. There's some Angel talk so if you want to stay pure for the finale, skip it, if not, it can be found Here.

Two points of interest - he'll be singing the national anthem prior to the Cubs game on Sunday. If you're a fan and get WGN, you may wish to see if they televise it.

Also, an interesting quote regarding the cancellation of Angel. He was on the set the day Joss announced the news "that they weren't picking us up again."> The 'us' struck me as odd. I love Christian as Lindsey, but I still always thought of him as a reoccurring character whereas he apparently though of himself as part of the family. Interesting and kind of sweet. :)

If anyone reading this would like to go to the Con next weekend in Chicago, but couldn't get a ticket, go to the City of Angel website and try your luck ay winning a gold package ticket.

And my final bit of linkage is to more photos from Charisma's Playboy shoot. I actually thought a couple were better than what did make it in.
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