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Three Days and Counting

Until I'm in Chicago!!! Even though I stil have several things to do, I've spent most of the day goofing off (saw Van Helsing again), and yet am not in a panic. That will hit Tuesday night I'm sure. :)

I saw a report from James' appearance in Berlin this weekend. He supposedly made mention that there has been talk of a Spike movie. Oh, great, just when I thought the guy was moving on. :(

And now.....
Amber winning - not a surprise. The marriage proposal? Not a surprise. Will Amber actually go through with it? Maybe. I'm waiting for CBS to cut a deal to film and televise the wedding.

I'm still waiting for the big twist. Jeff said something about the audiance being involved. Maybe we get to vote to pick who we felt should have one and they get some mula too?

Now Jerri is making a speech (and being booed - honey no one cares what you have to say). Bless Jeff for cutting her off...using Colby. :)
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