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Some Brief Thoughts on Buffy

Too tired for deep thoughts. Plus, I need to watch again to fully absorb everything that went on. Still, I know I loved it. The only false note was the explosion - more of the girls should have died.

I actually creid during Buffy and Spikes scene in the kitchen. That was one of the most beautifully written scenes I've ever seen on Buffy. I really didn't think she was going to run after him. And his admission of that being the best night of his life. Remember when the highlight of his unlife - his best day - involved killing a Slayer? Now, it's simply holding one and giving her comfort.

James facial expression during this moment was perfect. He was terrified she'd make fun of him and choking back the tears waiting to fall. And Buffy's "maybe when this is over..." broke my heart. Time's running out for them in so many ways.

I adored Andrew tonight. First, he volunteers to go out and get medical supplies because he doesn't want the girls to suffer. Then, he believes he will die but he truly wants to be fighting the good fight if it's to happen.

Anya finally showed that beneath all the snark and bitterness she really does care about those around her. In that moment she was one heck of a woman.

All the characters had great moments tonight....Xander's desire to fight with Buffy until the bitter end.....Giles acting like Giles....Faith being honest about her feelings and realizing that both of them are not meant to be there (forshadowing maybe?).

Loved Caleb's "Darn" and Spike's "Honey, you're home". Andrews getting dizzy after two swigs of Scotch. When Buffy tells the woman her name and she says "really?". Even Angel's entrance was pretty damn cool.

Oh, and the kiss? Personally, I saw zero chemistry or grand romantic potential in that. To me, it was two exes caught up in the heat of the moment. Next week they'll either wonder what the Hell they were doing or Spike will tell the FE to frell off and walk over to them and take the high ground. Those are my two guesses. Even if I'm wrong, I still feel it's nothing to be concerened with.

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