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Believe it or not, I have the majority of my packing done. And what I can't pack yet I have set aside or have written down on a list of things to remember to take with me. Of course I still have to make it to Best Buy tomorrow to pick up a memory stick for my digital camera and the animated Van Helsing prequel (Hugh does the voice work :). Anyone interested in watching it? I can bring it with me if you are.

Since I'm in no mood for cut tags, here's my non-spoilery recap of Touching Evil:

- Liked this episode much better than last weeks.

- Glad to see they are taking the first steps in developing a possible friendship between Creegan and Rivers (who somehow can be both a nice guy and a jackass ;).

- Really thankful the suit was short lived. I like my Creegan scruffy. :)

- Um, since I was busy packing and walking in and out of the room, can anyone tell me if they connected the two stories together? I'm a little confused as to who the shooter was worknig for and why certain people were being targeted.

OK, weirdness, I had two people on my Flist travel to Vegas this weekend (seems one of you had a good time, the other not so much :( ). Now, I'm left wondering if you two passed each other on the street. If so, yo could have been talking about ME. Yes, because I had to make it all about ME. ;p

I will make time to post before I leave tomorrow. lollobrigida I haven't lost your number, I will be calling you next week to make plans to meet up Sunday. :) And while I'm certain my lovely hostesses will allow me to hop on their computer to check up on you all, I'll probably miss some days and there will be lots of skimming I'm afraid. So, any big news, let me know when I get back. :)

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