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While Everyone Else Is Sleeping

I'm here. Why oh why am I up so early? Chris, I apologize now if I fall asleep in the pizza this evening.

I completely forgot to talk about Nina's appearance. Actually, it wasn't that memorable. And I wish that scene with her early on told us more about Angel's mindset. At first I thought he really did take Buffy's (Andrew's) advice and moved on. Then again, part of me said 'well, that was fast'. And I'm left wondering if it's safe to have a relationship with Nina because Angel will never have perfect happiness because Buffy will always be foremost in his mind and heart? I really hope that's not the case. Least I'll give him credit for making some mention of Buffy to Nina. Just how much he told her, I wonder?

Poor Illyria - I really felt bad for her last night. First, the one person closest to her abandons her. Then, when she tries to do the right thing and protect Drogan she gets the crap beat out of her. This all reminds me a bit of Spike in 'Intervention'. A big turning point for him, his relatiopnship with Buffy, and to a lesser extent, the Scoobies. Maybe that's why Spike asked her to hang out with him - he empathized with her plight of having no one.

I also greatly appreciated his comment early on to Illyria that she still has real power when she morphs into Fred - the devestating effect it has on all them. It was a damn good point. Actually, I turned to everyone in the room and went "OMG, Spike made a point!". It's been far too long since he's done that. :)

Now off to sleep, eat, play with the cat - do something not computer realted.

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