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Day 3 In Chicago

And it's still raining. :(

Let me see if I can quickly recap what's happened the past couple of days. Yesterday we did come shopping. Nothing exciting, but all of us did manage to find a few things. After we came home and relaxed for a bit before we headed over to the lovely home of x_h00ine where we finally got to meet ketzel! The pictures I've seen have not done her justice. She's gorgeous! With skin to die for and a better handle of the English languade than I. I hate her. ;p

Poor thing was exhausted, but brave little toaster that she is, she forced herself to stay up and socialize a bit. Much wine was imbibed and pizza eaten. We talked for hours and I hope we didn't keep poor Kitty up when she finally dragged herself up to bed at 9:30.

Today, Lynn, Cindy, Wis, and I watched the Frasier finale this morning. Now, *that's* what I call a good finale. It had all the best elements of the show - we laughed, we cried, and Wis cringed at the monkey. ;)

After Frasier, Cindy and I prepared desserts for tonight's big dinner then we, as well as Lynn and Wis, were off to see Troy. Loved it! How could one not? There was so much prettiness. I have a whole new respect for Eric Bana (both physically and professionally ;). And let's talk Orlando. Guh. He had about ten seconds of screen time that was worth my $6.25 (lots of skin and sweat were involved).

FYI, Troy is very loosely based on The Ilyiad. I will say it was faithful in spirit if not the actual text.

Soon we are off to see to meet up with everyone including our dear jonesiexxx and thegoyle. Tommorow we are off to the Con. I'll try to update if at all possible. :)

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