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"I'll Sign Anything You Want Darling"

Those are the immortal words Mr Christian Kane said to me. As to the context in which those words were said, I'll leave to your imaginations for now. ;)

I think it will take days to post a full recount of everything that has gone on and that shall have to wait until I get back home. But, in my opinion, this is the On simply a techinical level, the fine folks at Flashback Weekend apparently listened to complaints last year and did there best to correct them.

writteninstars has done a mightly fine job of covering some of the highlights of the day. I certainly have a new found appreciation for Elizabeth Allen, Stephanie Romanov, and David Boreanaz (you already know my feelings on my tiny Texan ;).

As someone who has complained about David's, um, pudginess, this season, let me tell you, he looked incredible. Apparently, David and James have pissed off the lighting crew on Angel this year. Because David looked tan and lean in his white v-neck tee and jeans. And I much prefer his natural brown/blonde locks to the dark brown he's been sporting.

Stephanie looked gorgeous as well. May I compliment them both on their honesty? They praise ME but also voice their quibbles with them. Stephanie almost walked after the second season when they refused to increasr her salary from the 'pitance' she was making. A phone call from Alexis (who asked her "Why don't you want to work with me?" - he informed her of the relationship that was yet to be) and a kind producer who caved in to her demands, kept her on board. She also described Charisma as an "interesting" person - make of that what you will.

David informed the audiance that he was going to be upfront with us - no Angel TV movies. He would, however, do a feature film and thinks that's the logical next step. Also some interesting comments regarding Spike and how he felt ME missed the boat in developing Angel's relationship with him this season. He feels it's been played too much for laughs. (This is where I had an 'I was right moment!' :)

There ton's more Q&A stuff to tell including Camden Toys musing on working with James and Sarah (adores them both) and Elizabeth Allen's musings on working with everyone but James who she *finally* met on her last day of filming.

Now, I fast forward to the concert. OMG, to say it was better than I had hoped is an understatement (ketzel seemed to think it well worth a flight in from Germany :). Really, in my mind, I had paid $225 for a concert since it was my main reason for attending. Worth every damn penny may I say. It was an amazing experience. Yes, Christian seemed by mid show to have had one beer too many. And he did forget the lyrics to a few of his songs. But, the musicianship, energy, and atmosphere coming off that stage was incredible (not to mention, he sang most of one song facing away from the stage and looking at his ass for that long is *not* a bad thing.)

Brandon Hart (his cousin) opened the show and sent writteninstars and I running into the lobby. I can't top her description of what we heard of the performance so I won't dare try. And, yes, when I realized Christian had come on stage I grabbed my stuff and ran like the wind. I'm packing my bags for Athens tomorrow....

After Brandon was finished, Stephanie Romanov made a not so discreet arrivel walking back and forth across the stage (she even stopped once to wave to everyone). I had heard David was to introduce Christian and when I suggested to Wis that maybe he couldn't make it and Stephanie was subbing well I got the shushing of a lifetime. Luckily for the promoters, David did appear to introduce Kane. Lucky for us, from our maginficent seats (forth row left center) we not only got a great view of Christian but the area in the right wing where David, his wife, Stephanie, Brandon (who would come out on stage several times), and Christian's mother would remian for the entire show. :)

Stephanie (who looked gorgeous in a pink ensemble) was videotaping the entire show (actually she seemed to be taping the entire weekend with the help of her sister) when not dancing. David's wife was dancing when not snuggling with her hubby. And Christian would wander off stage, leaving the band to show off there talents, while he mingled with his friends and family back stage.

At the end of the show, Christian asked his family (Brandon and some folks we aren't sure how or if they are related) and friends to all join him on stage including his "brother" David and Stephanie who appears to be like a sister to him. Together they all began to sing 'Sweet Home Alabama'. It was quite a sight to behold and one that may likely never be seen again...and I was there!

But more than the sheer sight of these folks singing and dancing together on stage was the incredible family vibe you got from them. These people love each other - no question. And I'm convinced David agreed to do this Con if only to hang out with Christine and Stephanie.

OK, it's 3:20 in the morning and I have to get some sleep. Tomorrow are more Q&A's - the Stephanie/Christian/David one being the highlight. And looks like I will get to meet lollobrigida! I had a lovely little chat with her today, well, yesterday. I'm quite jealous of her Con experiences. As she put it, she's quite the Con whore. ;)

Night All. Detailed reports to follow later this week.
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